Indians Living Abroad

Living in another country than your country of origin  has all its pros and cons , Besides it makes you over sensitive to the behavior of people around you and attached to every little detail that reminds you of your country, hearing a fellow speaking your language or smelling the familiar spices from the food  warming up in your office microwave always bring a smile on your face .

My work place has a lot of Indians so whenever I go down to cafeteria for lunch , I feel like I am in Bangalore or Chennai office with queues of Indians alongside the microwave to warm up their meals.The locals (Belgians)  prefer to take food from canteen except few who bring their lunch from home ,  mostly  it is us Indians who occupy all the microwaves during lunch time so normally it could take upto  10-15 minutes in the queue to warm  up your lunch.

Today was one such another day of waiting in the Queue, so when it came our turn to warm up, me and my colleague,  We decided to keep our boxes together and increase the timer instead of warming one by one. I think it took us less than 4 mins to finish ,  meanwhile we were standing there , there were those restless glances exchanged between the other Indians behind us as if we are taking a lifetime and those expressions of seeing a monkey on the microwave rather than a human being ! Generally they are polite and smiling when it comes to someone who is not Indian and cooking  his food in Microwave for more than 10 minutes, it was such a disgust in their eyes of ‘ O my God these Desi pendu people ‘ , I am still not over it ! I have seen them for almost two years near that microwave , either before me or after me , never smiling to anyone who is an Indian and not from their Company.

This is just one of many incidents which I can write a book about , I have actually came to the conclusion that we Indians never respect other Indians inside or outside our country .We still live in the mindset of  third world countries where the West is still superior to us.  Have  you ever seen an American or German or British  not respecting their fellow country men in a third country. ( The names for  these Countries are just for example sake ) Probably you won’t find many examples, but what I have felt and written here I am sure many Indians living abroad can relate to it.

The terms like ‘Arey ye to desi hai ‘ , Leaving the door on the face, bypassing the queue , Just because on the other side is a ‘desi’ and not a European .How easily we take the liberty of breaking the rules and disrespecting the etiquettes with another Indian , Why ? or in other words we do not respect our own self because every other Indian that you see around is a mirror image of you irrespective of what you wear and eat and this is how the rest of the world see us, we are only Indians for them  , It doesn’t matter if you wear western clothes or traditional Indian clothes , eat the Indian food or European food, hang out with others  Indian or Locals , Speak English with an Indian Accent or British Accent for the rest you are one Entity , one single identity  to be referred as Indians and if you are complaining about loopholes of a  third world society , we better leave those  habits that has still kept us in the third world , Why  these double standards ! If you love right to equality , no discrimination based on anything,  equal respect of  all jobs , practice it with all human beings, start right from yourself and your home first! Once we achieve this , our societies will progress with a big leap,  back at home and wherever we are.


18 thoughts on “Indians Living Abroad

  1. True the way we treat our fellow indians abroad is horrible.. I think we ourselves are making it obvious thats why people other than asians consider indians as inferior and who are not well qualified.. I cannot blame each and every single indians I have seen few of them are amazing they feel comfortable to be around there own nationalities .. Mean while they treat them respectfuly.. Hopefully people might change their mentality Fingers crossed for the miracle

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    1. Thanks Dear for your valuable insight..You are right in not blaming all of the Indians..there are still some amazing ones who donot have or overcame these complexes ..talking about it is only way I see people will think about it and realize it..n yes fingers crossed till then..

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  2. Salaam Sister,
    One of the saddest things about imperialism is that it succeeded in implanting in the minds of billions that they are inferior and that Caucasians are superior. Europeans may give each other courtesy when we travel, but shamefully we still travel with a hubris and sense of superiority. Viewing other races and cultures as “backwards”. Tourists here often make sweeping judgements about Bedouin people here, without thinking about why they might do something in a certain way, that the European views as strange.
    Indians can empower yourselves and take pride in your own culture. There are many people over the world who love y’all! : D.
    Yes, no Culture is perfect but everyone has strengths and weaknesses.
    In any case, first and foremost to talk about these issues is good because talking leads to understanding and can pave the way for change…

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  3. I agrees sis, and I think this happens with a lot of cultures too. I see the same attitude amongst Nigerians too. Sadly, sometimes I think we forget that we are supposed to be for one another, and not against.

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