Food Shaming

  1.  The reactions of the health conscious colleagues eating with you is directly proportional to the amount of oil in your food.
  2. It is okay to eat a salad laden with cream based dressings but not okay to have a home cooked meal with some extra serving of virgin olive oil on it.
  3. Eating healthy is not as important as showing off that you ate healthy.
  4. You are not a true health lover if you don’t eat quinoa and avocado .
  5. Don’t you dare to bring in potatoes and banana in your lunch bag .
  6. Please hide when you eat your cheat meals and don’t do it not shamelessly like me 😀 Otherwise you could be cake shamed/ice cream shamed/cheese shamed or probably oil shamed .cat-meme

Food shaming is such a  in  thing , It is so normal to shame your colleagues or friends or even strangers by looking at their food and giving reactions. What someone else is eating has become everybody’s business 😀 Recently I had such an experience while eating my lunch, some of my colleagues complained of the extra oil they could see in my food .Mind it they were all men eating salads and soups  with a woman among them gorging on her fried okras and chapati! There was another incident when I brought them  some home baked sweets and they had it even less than what a bird’s beak could pick up in spite of my plea that it is made from stevia and coconut oil, the healthy way ! so I  had to take the box back and my husband asked me what has happened and if  they didnt like it .  I said no, it was just too unhealthy for them 😀 so yeah food shaming is real and you should say no to it, I am free to eat whatever I like without the approval of any health police.


P.S: The above post is written in light humour , don’t take it too seriously , keep eating healthy and stay healthy !  Have a good weekend.








11 thoughts on “Food Shaming

  1. A writer from the East

    Thanks for writing this post in a humorous way, as I too have noticed this issue. In particularly, during my overseas stints I would be food shamed for eating my food i.e Pakistani food by snooty Europeans who looked down and made fun of Asian and African cuisine. But than same people made fun of my chinese colleagues food too.
    This sickness has way too many racial overtones to not comment and you have given me an idea for my next post under ‘women of color’ tag so thank you.
    Hope your thyroid is behaving it self these days, have a great weekend!

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    1. I prefer too, eating home cooked meals than the food we get in cafeteria , many reasons :taste, satisfaction, and also our way of healthy eating ! I have also seen , sometimes people make fun of asians bringing their food, will wait for your post and saving my comment for that ! My thyroid tests last month showed a bit hyper so my dosed is reduced now back to 75mcg, I think I am getting better , I have reduced gluten from my diet a lot that seems to help, Doing weight training , so hoping to
      get some muscles instead of fat 😀 and develop strength.

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  2. Your humour shines through but I think you are picking up on something I ‘ve seen and experienced. People are so intolerant about food and seem uneasy when others don’t make the same choices or eat from a different cultural menu. Personally, I get tired of being asked over and over (by the same people) why I am a vegetarian and would I eat this or that….

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      1. Well my personal experience over the years is that some people are so closely bound to their eating habits that they feel or think difference is ‘wrong’ or ‘weird’…there are probably different things going on depending on the situation…

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