Saudi Arabia’s ban on Qatar

While I was planning to be away from blogging  for most of the time this month, where can one go to rant/voice concern when you have world issues coming up like these !  Never in my dreams have I thought that Saudi Arabia, the head of Muslim States  will impose such a ban of another muslim country during the month of Ramadan and instantly  my aging memory reminds me how can you forget Yemen!  For those of you who don’t know (which I doubt) Saudi Arabia has recently put a ban on Qatar along with UAE, Bahrain and Egypt . The diplomats have been asked to leave and nationals of Qatar are giving two weeks to leave for their country and now there is ban on Qatar Airways to fly to and from these 4 countries. The ground for imposing the ban has been the charges to  support terrorism in their countries and backing the agenda of their arch rival  Iran which Qatar has clearly denied.

I am not here to justify Qatar since I don’t know the realities but  I am definitely here to condemn the ban on a muslim country by other muslim countries supposedly their brothers in Islam in holy month of Ramadan where millions of muslims are fasting and want to spend their fasts in peace . I am sure these things don’t happen in a day and Saudi Arabia must have been preparing for it from long to get the evidence and consent from rest of the states but then why choose Ramadan?  Where are the warnings issued and peaceful  discussions  held before placing a  direct blockade ! Where the proofs of violations of warnings ? Did you give enough time to make it easier for Qatar nationals to exit ?

Does the respect for Ramadan and teaching of our holy Prophet holds nothing when it comes to Politics , that too when you claim running the government by Sharia Laws, Is it really a part of Sharia to coerce tie with a Muslim state in Ramadan ! Everything in the end sums up to greed of power by these rich countries  and insecurity of their states being taken over by rivals. Saudi Arabia has been waging a war in Yemen from past few years where millions of civilians have been casualties, some have fled the country while others still starve and continue to suffer like in Syria.

Saudi Arabia has recently signed  an arm deal of 110 bn dollars with US and after a week or two of signing it We have this Qatar ban , Does that ring a bell? Iran continues to be their number 1 enemy state and a potential danger seen by West as well. Anyone keeping a relation with Iran will meet up a fate like Qatar ? Is that the message on board? Is it a bait for Iran to intervene and then start a war with it?  Qatar has supported the Palestine for long and since now Saudi Arabia is indirectly an Israel Ally by signing the weapon deal with US, it wants it to stop its Palestinian support. So many questions in my mind for now, thanks for being patient with me  to read it to the end , One thing is sure the  humans keep suffering in names of fabricated wars to sell weapons and arms,  be it terrorists or  soldiers, they both need weapons and in the end it is civilians who pay the price of war.


40 thoughts on “Saudi Arabia’s ban on Qatar

      1. shifafawaz

        Yes, it sure did!
        Very disturbing knowing the fact that it is Ramadan and the time when peace and unity should be the strongest 😦

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      1. Ironically, after my last post I started to think ‘I don’t feel safe living here anymore I need to move to a muslim country’ and now look at the state of muslim countries. Where am I going to go? Sigh.

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    1. I think we are all politically blind to see the facts and truth behind what these governments are doing behind our backs, We get to know only what they says, Allah knows the truth . May Allah make peace in the world and no country face the fates of Iraq ,Libya Syria ,Afghanistan.

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  1. A writer from the East

    Saudi Arabia leaving no stones un-turned in showing their true colors to the whole Muslim Ummah which should have woken up ages ago to the harsh abuses that KSA has meted out to many a Muslim nations and so called brothers and sisters in faith.
    Loved your post and join you in condemning these toxic actions, let us not forget how Libya, Yemen, Syria, Afghanistan and many other places have suffered due to Saudi Arabian alliances with western super powers. And their hatred for Iran spills out innocent blood and dead bodies in many places with Shia Muslims, even in Pakistan.
    Iran is not towing to west nor KSA, so these actions are going on and will affect millions of Muslims, so much for a blessed and united Ramadan, morale is very low on this side too like with most of you 😦

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    1. Yes Saadia you have summed it correctly what KSA has been doing until now. The ban is still on and I wonder where it is leading to. I pray to Allah things get better for the entire Ummah because at end of the day it is locals who suffer from both ends.

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  2. Sadaf Siddiqi

    Nowadays for politicians “everything is fair in politics.” Such sad state of affairs. We can only pray for things to get better! Ramadan mubarak.

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    1. Though I am bit late , Ramadan Mubarak to you as well sister ! Yes the concept of Ummah is diminishing behind the boundaries . I wonder where will it stop ? They still haven’t learnt from Iraq , Libya and Syria.

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  3. You earned my follow!
    All of this is directly related to America, ISIS, and all the wars. Saudia once used to be a great country, but too much of a goodness is turing evil for them, for they play in oil and money. There is our dear Saudia, imposing a ban on a fellow Muslim country all based upon allegations, while a little off from its borders, countless Muslims are murdered each day, in Palastine. But that’s alright for Saudia, isn’t it? That’s not at all worth a ban!

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    1. thank you 🙂 I agree with you, power and money corrupts even the best of the leaders ! This is what is happening with KSA. Allah gave them everything and this is what their doing with their money and power, buying more weapons, waging war in Yemen and putting up ban on Qatar. I dont know if they took any refugees from Syria ,Afghanistan or Iraq., never heard in news.


  4. Sister I very much feel the same. I think most Muslims will accept we are living in a time of great Fitnah and really I think it is only by ordinary Muslims catching our Deen and returning to it, and through grassroots movements, will any meaningful change happen. Power struggles in the end are upheld by the super rich but ordinary people allow them to do as they wish by going along with what they do. Conscientious objectors in the Arab world and everywhere need to react and refuse to take part in their government power struggles. May Allah give Rahaam and grant Jannah to all those who suffer under the feet of oppression.

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      1. Absolutely. Then the USA says x and x are sponsoring terrorism.. What about their arms trade… The arms trade seriously needs people from within to conscientiously object, but sadly people tend to justify themselves to themselves, (and of.c. greed and fear plays a part) rather than take blame and admit wrong…

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  5. Sana,
    Great post could not agree more, KSA are a law of their own. What a lot people seem to not know is that Saudi Arabian Leading Family with the support of America brought the Islamic Extremist groups to the world stage and gave them a voice. The majority of these groups follow the doctored form of Islam – Wahhabism or Afghanistan Doctored form which where introduced in the 1700’s & 1800’s. Family of KSA are only interested in Power and Glory, they are not interested in anybody outside their circle

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  6. Muslims are fighting against Muslims. The same thing that shataan do; LEAVING MAN PERPLEXED BETWIXT FAITH AND DESIRES. The concept of being an ummah is diminishing. May ALLAH have mercy on those Muslims and give them conscience who are doing this all.

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  7. We are fast moving in the time of fitna and the arrival of Dajjal.

    Where are a person is a Muslim in morning and a Munkar in afternoon.

    We don’t know what is Halal and Haram TBH. All of us, have a hand in it. If we ourselves, looks closely into our lives, we makes such changes which Sahaba Radhi Allah Taalah brought to the whole world. But since we the common people forgot it, hence our leaders in ALL Muslim Kingdoms are like this.

    All Muslim states are going through issues, the leaders except hardly one or 2 don’t have corruption issues or corrupt practices.Which is also we have to think about it!

    If we start focusing on changing ourselves which is despirately required, I am sure things might change!

    However, my colleague mentioned one hadith which I never heard before.

    The context of which is: Each passing year will be more difficult and troublesome than the one before.

    So I pray that we all have peace in our heart and soul to forgive each other, our past, present and future and the people who did bad to us. Ameen Summa Ameen

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  8. It’s so unfair.. leaders of Muslim nations need a wake up call to be strong and protective for themselves. They are spreading hatred among muslims….here in qatar i have seen a strong patriotism for their country and leader.. qatar flag on most of the houses and you can see the artistic portrait of tamim in almost every area…

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