Lunch Saga

If you have been following my lunch stories you know what I mean just after reading the title of the post . It’s been a while I haven’t posted , nothing much has happened . Many of my lunch mates went to India or elsewhere for their vacations  so there wasn’t much happening .  I am now no longer the only female in the group, we have a additional member recently added and I am happy about it, that means a  bit less of political discussions on the table.

Yesterday one of the lunch-mate asked on our lunch group if any of us can bring him lunch  since he is returning from holidays this morning and will not be able to cook. The food in the cafeteria is not really great as someone would love to eat so I took the burden on my little shoulder and raised the hand to help. Bringing food for the colleague is nothing bad until you have to stand in the queue near microwave to warm for  them as well so I had in total of 3 boxes to warm up. Normally the patience of people has already died when they are near those cursed microwaves . One out of four is still not functional. Nobody cares to replace them or fix them, the government offices works the same way I guess be it India or Belgium.

While I was warming up my boxes one after the other, the people behind me in the queue were getting more restless ,checking the timer button every two seconds to see much time is still remaining to wait for. So there was this Mr.Impatient  who was behind me waiting with his little box to warm up, He could not control when I put in my last box to warm up , he ran away to the next microwave because the guy there had just left and there wasn’t any queue , There are in total 10-15 steps distance between that two microwaves, so while he was almost flying to reach there, two people from behind    emerged and stood in front of that microwave , finally he was third in queue when he reached there.  I felt sorry for Mr.Impatient , wicked Murphy played well for him, couldn’t stop my evil side to laugh as well !


13 thoughts on “Lunch Saga

      1. A writer from the East

        Salaam Sana, how are you? Sending you the warmest duas and wishes that Allah SWT accept your sacrifices and deeds, have a blessed Eid ul Azha my sister 🙂

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      2. Wasalam Saadia.I am good alhumdolillah..Thankyou so much my sister.. Eid Mubarak to you as well.and May Allah accept from you as well.I think you will be celebrating this saturday..We have planned for barbecue this Eid..all set for tomorrow.Some qorma and biryani for next day..My dress for Eid I ordered online was too small this time and last time it came after Eid 😂😂😂😂

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