Just Another Post by Woman in Hijab

There are everyday struggles of  Hijabi Women that only they can understand. They is always a lot of noise in media for the word ‘Hijab’ and  it remains a debatable topic not only outside but within the muslim community itself. I as a Hijabi feel more accepted in my non Muslim friends or environment than among the Muslim ones I have met lately online and this is really bothering me. Where the heck are we going as a Muslim society ?  Recently someone shared some Videos about successful Hijabi Entrepreneur and  with the following comments ( in one of the social media groups of Muslim Women Achievers)

‘ I find these Hijabi Women very shallow and pretentious ‘

‘I have a problem with word Modesty that they use every time  ‘

I wouldn’t give a damn had it been any x ,y sharing it but the very fact that it is coming from  educated muslim women who have successful professional careers and making a mark in various fields. Probably the real sense of education hasn’t reached them yet if they cannot have inclusivity of all muslim women and cannot respect others . The worse happens when these women get the chance to speak for the rest of the community .  They just end up making more confusion for the rest of the world. I certainly dont feel part of that ‘Educated Muslim group’  anymore , neither I feel welcomed , it is doing more harm to me than good when I read such messages being shared and empathized.  I dont see any room for discussion either, because their nose is kept somewhere too high and probably you are lying down somewhere to be saying anything to them or be of any worth to be listened to .

However  it is more hurting  to realize it is the mirror of our society with in our own  community. If there is no acceptance and tolerance with in , How can I complain about the the outside world ?  Well, this was my experience and probably sounds more a rant but I had to pen it somewhere before it gets too much on my nerves I really wish yours to be better than mine.

For those who make such comments , I want to tell them that as a Hijabi  I am not wearing it because I want to show off my religion. I just feel it is the right thing to do for me, and I am not saying that you are wrong for not doing it. If I feel the tangible aspect of my modesty comes with my Hijab along with my behavior and actions ,  it doesn’t imply you are not modest if you dont wear one. What I feel and do is for me alone, so just let me be myself.  Please dont assume things and create a strong opinion  against it. Shallowness or depth is also seen by the judgement or opinions that you give about others. Why dont you just talk to next Hijabi woman you meet, instead of keeping prejudiced views.  We all need to come together and accept each other  first before asking the world to stop judging us. There are so many issues to be worked upon than just fighting over Hijab or not talking to someone or working with someone who wears a Hijab or Niqab.

I am so thankful to all my readers for your continuous support on my blog ! Happy Blogging !

25 thoughts on “Just Another Post by Woman in Hijab

  1. Sana, this is such an important perspective and so thoughtfully and respectfully presented. Often, “in-group” divisiveness is the most virulent and hurtful. Internalized oppression is difficult to bridge and makes it far easier for external oppression to continue for people and groups who are already marginalized by dominant power structures..

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  2. Unfortunately this is true Sana, and it happens also in Arabic countries as you can find that in some places e.g hotels/ shopping centres that are known as “most modernised or westernised” women in hijab are not allowed! This is though strange but also funny because those muslim women are going there for shopping and entertainment not for praying!
    Thanks for sharing
    Kind regards,

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      1. Nothing Sana!
        you can not change any one’ thought till they are willing to! i think we have to accept this not to admit its being right but just say ok this is how you think but I am happy the way I am because sometimes you do not know their background and one day they may change it not because you win the argument but because they would have a different thought.

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  3. Mamak Metal

    السَّلاَمُ عَلَيْكُمْ وَرَحْمَةُ اللهِ وَبَرَكَاتُهُ Sana

    feel you….in Asia this current happen too in diffreant way. But we as moslemah must stronger and keep pray for them who ignored us or want to humiliate Muslim people.


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  4. Best wishes Sanaa! I am a hijabi too and I am loving it so much. 💕

    I recently wrote a blog on my story of hijab you can check if you want. This is sad to know what most of the people think about hijab but anyway, may Allah guide them!

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