If I can see my soul

I often wonder

what would I do

If i can see my soul.

Like I see myself

in the mirror whole.

Could I also paint 

like I do to my face .

hiding all its scars

and ugliness

under the base ?

Could it be ugly and poor

starved ,weak and old ?

With torn clothes ,

and skin with folds.

sobbing for help!






16 thoughts on “If I can see my soul

  1. My first impulse when I read your poem was to assure you that your soul could not be ‘ugly’ (based on my reading)…with some more thought I recognized the courage in your thoughts…wear and tear and scars many of us will admit but it’s harder to face the real blemishes or even damage, areas that could be restored not with fake smiles but with deeper soul restoration…a thought provoking poem Sana 🌺🌹


  2. The part where you spoke about whether or not you would be able to hide the soul with base and all..
    My heart ached.
    And you really made me wonder whether it could be done.
    Or perhaps whether it’s something we already do.
    When we plaster smiles on our faces and silence our souls when they feel themselves getting ripped and torn..

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