The Blue Scarf

On a sunny autumn afternoon a  woman sauntered a shop to check scarves and under scarf caps( used by women who wears Hijab). She was checking few things for a while and then got stuck by the striking navy blue pashmina shawl , something similar she had been looking for a while . The scarf was put on display at the door.

She inquired from the shop keeper  a tall guy with a dark beard, skull cap on his head and a big prayer mark on his forehead. ‘Where can I find that blue scarf  inside the shop ?’  he pointed her to a row of scarves without looking at her.

The woman went to that shelf, there were indeed pashmina shawls, she checked them one by one , much to her disappointment the blue shawl wasn’t in there. She picked up other two colors that she liked thinking the blue shawl might be over. She went over to the counter to pay ,there was another woman before her so she waited for her turn.

The shopkeeper to the woman : ‘Why are you  not buying the blue shawl ?’

W: ‘ I wanted to buy it but  I think it’s over, couldn’t find in that section .’

The shopkeeper turning red, raising his voice : ‘ If you could have used your eyes, you would have find it, Allah gave  brain to women as well but they dont want to use it. Come I will show where is the shawl, Learn to use your eyes and brain. What do you mean you cant find it, it is there ! See. ‘

The woman heard it disbelievingly. No it can’t be true what he said, she must be day dreaming , he cant treat a customer like that, For a lot of people the response could be a fight , but hers was freeze. She couldn’t utter anything from shock. Meanwhile her eyes met the helper standing next to the shopkeeper , his hand on his mouth , and as soon as his eyes met the woman’s he pleaded her to ignore the guy .

The woman still in shock, paid quickly , thinking there must be a problem with the guy, after all who treats customer like that. The shopkeeper now turning soft, ‘oh are you an Arab ? ‘ The lady shook her head to say no,  ‘oh it doesn’t matter ! Here is your change, have a nice day! ‘

The woman didn’t say anything and leaves with a trail of thoughts not willing to leave her mind for a day or so.

To calm herself down, she was constantly explaining herself, he must be a sick guy , there might be a problem with him, while her alter ego was provoking and shaming her for being such a meek and a fool in front of that guy .

‘Why you didn’t throw the stuff on his face and walked off,’

‘Why you didn’t shout at him ! ‘

‘ You know you have just encountered a pathetic misogynist ‘.

The voices in her head, didn’t want to shut . She had indeed been insulted by a misogynist. She really wished and hoped that this  guy should learn his lesson one day .  Her heart went out to all such women who are living with these men and suffering every day. She has just felt an iota of that hurt and feelings that those women go through every day and sometimes some of them didn’t have a choice to even walk away.


And you can imagine who that stupid woman was that day!


11 thoughts on “The Blue Scarf

    1. Thanks Farheen, I was thinking about you today and your comment appears on my blog, Ma sha Allah may you live a long healthy life. Hope you are doing fine. i miss your romantic poetry. Coming to the post, Yes Akhlaaq is first priority which is often missing among many pious looking males . The deep enrooted prejudice against women as inferior beings has to go . Pray that we raise sons who treat women as their equal and with respect.

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      1. wow…i too think smtym abt u nd ur food blog ..hahha…we hv never met bt i feel so connected with u.Alhumdulillah. Abt my romantic poetry..ya man it has really taken a back seat .I need to wake me up to write those lines again 🙂

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  1. That’s so horrible! The man did not have any excuse at all to treat the woman that way. After all, in Islam there is a strong emphasis on akhlaaq and respect of women! As for the men who claim women aren’t smart enough, well, perhaps they should know that some of our greatest scholars were tutored by a woman. Wouldn’t that blow their socks off!

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    1. Indeed not all the men in our societies are taught to be gentle and polite to the opposite gender , to have the best of akhlaq is the prerequisite in deen . The problem is they know very less of deen and their religion in general.

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  2. So sorry and outraged beyond words can express.
    No I dont believe in only accepting such behaviors as a form of ‘sabr’ such men need to be told off and called out on their shit. Unfortunately majority Muslim men are infected with this misogynist virus only because Muslim women tolerate it. I for one do not and will not.

    P.S: That day when a woman met a stupid man!

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    1. yes I wish the lady had you by her side that day 🙂 There are indeed many factors responsible for the women’s plight at hands of such misogynists , cant blame to women only , the overall atmosphere of South Asian Society , the constant lecturing to listen to rebukes from elderly males and old women of household and looking upto males and treating them as superior beings count as well. it is a vicious circle my friend .


  3. How am I just reading this? What an absolute plonker that man was. God gave men a brain too but I won’t say what they choose to think with lest I come across as crude. I cannot stand poor customer service. Its like some people don’t want to make a living. I would have walked out. You’re a lot nicer than I am babe.

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  4. Very well written.
    To have the best of discipline is a necessity in Islam but sadly some men are not known to be polite and thats sad. Thank you for sharing this with us and btw I just discovered your blog so I’m gonna hit the follow right now. 😌

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