Flashbacks – remembering Abba

It’s amazing how your memories are pinned together in your brain.A simple thing could lead you to a happy memory or even a painful one. I am generally a forward looking person , with that I mean I don’t look at old pictures much unless an FB memory pops up and remind me what I was doing this day that year. May be there are some painful parts in there which I don’t want to recall at all and I supress all of it . Who knows! That’s what talking to yourself does to you, you see , answers your own behavior!

So coming back, yesterday night while I was flossing my teeth with a plastic disposable flossing stick .I started thinking what could be a better sustainable option ? And I remember the toothpick made of soft wood . The word tooth pick triggered the urdu word for it in my mind which is ‘Khilaal’ as my grandfather would often ask for it after eating his meals. And there he was so vivid in my mind so clear his face and his voice asking for it. I could remember which clothes he was wearing , his posture , his actions while he used it. I have been trying to remember him so clearly from so long but I always get a faded view but this was so strong so clear and so vivid that I just closed my eyes and listened to him saying it for a few seconds.

I then opened my eyes, smiled and had such a sound sleep.

Isn’t it the amazing, the power of brain what it can do to you.

Alhumdolillah for everything.

Being Grateful for everything and for all the beautiful memories.

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