7 days of Kindness #wellbeingseptemberseries

It’s Day1 of #wellbeingseptemberseries
And #7daysofkindness . Thanks @bringingupmom from Instagram  for remembering and tagging me. We all do little acts of kindness here and there but what we don’t do is challenge ourselves and doing it deliberately . Most of these exercises looks silly to many people and a waste of time but experts have designed it and recommended for our mental well being.
So for me I am set for these 7 days of deliberate acts of kindness that I will record and motivate myself to do.
As they say charity begins at home so here I am , the first person I often neglect and not kind enough is me myself. I reminded myself to be more kind to myself , to be more forgiving , to be less judgemental and to be more accepting , of all the things that I want to do or achieve and not doing so , for parts of me I am so critical of , I would be kinder , more optimistic and helpful. I would always encourage myself to be better and I would always be my forever friend. So a Little of introspection for Day 1 of kindness.

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