7 days of Kindness #wellbeingseptemberseries

Day 4rth of #7daysofkindness and #wellbeingseptemberseries ! To be honest it takes an effort to be focusing only  on kindness. It’s not that easy ! Many of us have a notion of being kind person but if we just quantify our kind actions during the day we will be surprised to see how few there are . No wonder  It’s a well thought program to activate an aspect of Mindful living.

So for today I decided to call my grandmother . I  am guilty of not calling her often ,call it laziness procrastination or forgetfulness and the joy in her voice was  priceless ♥️.
The elderly people in our society definitely deserve more kindness from the young people. They are getting older ,  weaker and more sensitive and probably waiting to be reached out , called out  and in need of sharing their stories,  concerns and a bundle of duas ! so do reach out to your nearest elderly person if you haven’t lately.

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