7 days of Kindness #wellbeingseptemberseries

Day 5 of #7daysofkindness  from #wellbeingseptemberseries !  For that I would say

Be Kind to your soul.

I don’t know how many of you believe in soul but I definitely do ! That’s the only consistent part of me rest keeps changing. Most of the daily things I do are just for keeping up this body going- eating, sleeping ,working , watching tv but the one driving this body from inside is  often ignored and neglected .
Just peeling off another layer from self love which includes taking care of our physical , emotional and mental well being !  I just added  spiritual well being too to the definition.
There are so many things that we can do to make our soul  happy and calm : prayers,  meditation,  doing  charity , saying kind words , caring for others and connecting with nature and so many other things that hold meaning to your inner being.

Long walks into the green pathways just calms me down no matter  how much anxiety I do have with this Covid-19 pandemic ongoing in the world.
So which one did you choose  today  to be kind to your soul ?

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