December Introspection Series – Part 3

In mid of 2020 while I resumed my  work after 3 and half month break , I found myself struggling with home working for online  meetings or conf calls or even remote working with my colleagues.

The idea of being hidden behind the computer , not sharing my  coffee breaks or chitchats or lunch breaks with colleagues and friends at work  or no human contact in general was intimidating.

  Soon I adjusted to it then I started liking it  and now it’s like being in love with it. I rather now have nightmares of going back to usual work life .

I now can plan my breakfast otherwise was skipping or eating a toast on train, cook myself a fresh lunch which used to be leftovers in a lunchbox  warmed at work  and  an  early dinner, no time wasted in travelling. I can even use that extra time to sleep a bit extra in mornings .
I got so much time to spend with my son and my family  this year  which otherwise  couldn’t  be possible. ( sometimes it gets difficult  too when he comes running in between of a meeting shouting mummy mummy )

I think it also taught me to be more responsible and to manage my work  time better with no body really minding a team , after all we are all adults . We don’t really need bosses to watch us all the time. It has definitely evolved a new level of leadership – self leadership.
For all of this and more I am truly grateful for 2020 .

#womensupportingwomen #womenwhoread #womenwhowrite #womenwhothink
#gratitudepost #2020homeworking

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