December Introspection Series – Part 5

This is also the last part of this series .
So here we are at the end of 2020 , an incredible year in every sense. In the middle of the year I couldn’t wait for this year to pass and here I am to all honesty admitting that I will miss some parts of it.
Thank you 2020 for bringing me closer to myself and my loved ones.
Also thankful to everyone I am following here , glad to be connected with you all wonderful humans and learning from you about the books , authors , writings and so much more.
Gratitude has been the mantra for this year.

I had enough time to think, reflect , peel my own layers of vulnerability, unexplained behaviors and understand why I did certain things or felt a certain emotion at a certain time .

There is nothing more joyful when you feel at peace with your own self and your inner and outer self are aligned.

Few things I did this year :
✳️ Picked up habit of binge watching Netflix in 2020 which I also left in 2020.Yay !
✳️ Resumed my reading. ( 5 books if that counts for an year 🙈)
✳️ Resumed my blog and writing.
✳️ Created new instagram account for this blog (skrblogs) .
✳️ Resumed my painting after a 2 year gap 🎨
✳️ Mindful eating, focusing on my health and losing some of my pregnancy weight.
✳️ Practicing Gratitude.

I am still thinking of my 2021 goals to be..Perhaps just continue the good habits I have developed in 2020? What about your 2021 goals, have you been thinking or decided already ?

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