Cherry Blossom

I have a cherry blossom at home and these Mourning doves are regular visitors during the sunsets. Sometimes there is one singing his sad song , sometimes there are a group resting but yesterday it was a pair and Beautifully captured in my camera.

It was amazing how my mind signals me one dove for lonely , two as in couple and group as merry.
Perhaps one was just a happy single and singing his freedom .
However the ones which captured my attention most was this pair finding comfort in their company.
How good it is to be home with in the warmth of your loved ones and under the security blanket of their love .
This covid has made some people feel real loneliness and others find solitude .
What about the ones who lost their partner or family member due to covid ? and got further alienated by lockdown rules where nobody could come to share your grief or you cant travel to them or anywhere just for the sense of wandering .
I cannot imagine what it is to be like in that situation.
I can only pray for them and express gratitude for everything I have.

A short poem I wrote recently.

Empty branches
missing leaves
and the birds.
The lonely nest
ownerless , rests
On a cherry
blossom tree .

Nothing but
a black cat
roams around
Once on a
Wintry dark

#poets #englishpoems
#womenwhothink #womenwhowrite #womenwhoread

Doves on a cherry blossom tree.

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