New Year’s New Beginnings : My Youtube channel

Writing is my therapy , so do cooking , painting and reading with a good coffee !

I immerse in the colours to paint nothing in particular but to feel the joy of blending different colours through my eyes and my fingers.

Cooking engages all my 5 senses, it diverts attention from where the brain is currently blocked, helps me to unwind , disengage and disconnect my looping thoughts.

Writing is therapeutical , it helps me to connect with self on so many layers deeper, helps to understand myself better , gives so much meaning to my thoughts.

Facing the camera is hard because camera is watching you so does You, you are watching YOU before anybody else watches your video , you have so many doubts , you don’t like your self in a rolling camera , you are missing out words , you are getting more conscious,

But then you breathe and think :

Speak as if nobody is watching , away from scrutinizing gaze, away from judgement , just speak your mind, like you always write your mind and heart, free from any influence or thoughts of somebody’s approval or appreciation,
just being you is enough , being honest is enough and speak you my Dear Sana into your camera 3…2..1….












My Youtube channel : Talk with Sana

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