Numbness that appeared

In a way so weird.

A pause to my flow,

A disconnection

 within my process.

A disorientation of

an oriented ME.

———————— NUMBNESS———————–

This feeling of unfeelingness,

Like carrying a load

That you don’t feel

but you are aware.

A pain that isn’t hurting.

A feeling that ME is far,

Distant and somewhere

underneath this glass

blanket of numbness.



While I wonder

 if it’s a loss or a gain?

A grief shifts somewhere,

Wriggling through

a smile and tears.

I wonder again if it’s

Calmness or Indifference?




Silences are needed

and unwanted too.

Noise is craved

and overwhelming too.




Until I find comfort

 in this discomfort.

Rest in this unrest,

Calm in my chaos,

Knowing in

this unknowingness,

An Oldness of this newness.

Familiarity in this strange-ness

I wait to be home again.



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