On Receiving The Blog-aholic Award!


To begin with thanking my lovely sisters of   THE HUMAN LENS and SCOTTISH MUSLIMAH who have nominated me for this award. 

What’s the Blog-aholic award about? “It is an award for bloggers addicted to blogging with creative, ingenious and inspiring posts. They mesmerize their followers with their posts, keep them captivated and riveted to their blog. The Blog-aholic Award is also for bloggers who share and inspire others” – creator The Recipe Hunter (Cook and Enjoy).

My Best Post:

I don’t know if it was the best one or but it’s my most viewed post ,  The Idea of Simple Marriage  , I wholeheartedly believe in the idea that best weddings are the ones which are done in the most simple way.

3 Facts About Me:

  • I am a foodie and love to cook .
  • I believe in spirituality .
  • I love visiting new cities.

So my nominees are:

  1. Ameena K
  2. Farheen Siddiqui 
  3. Scottish Muslimah
  4. Between Sisters, SVP!
  5. ontheland
  6. Tam
  7. Accidentally inked
  8. mintyfreshie
  9. sapna ahirwar 
  10. desertchameleonblog

Dear nominees, you may wish to acknowledge/accept at your goodwill 😉  


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When Life jibes !

Life has been taking few jibes over me since I lost my bag and everything important with it . Some of the funny ones I  remember are shared here :

  • Walking through your favorites stores without card or enough money, that too during sales season  and for a week ( almost killed me 😦 )
  • Laptop Charger got broken  (  we have a saying in hindi  ‘ Ghareebi mei aata Geela’  which literally translates to ‘ During Poverty you got your flour wet’ , that sounds foolish but it means  ‘In adversity everything turns bad’  )
  • You have a guest at home  expecting the best hospitality  and  you have limited cash.
  • You want to eat at a restaurant and then  the cashier tells you you they don’t accept credit card ! You come out with a sad face and broken heart.  Sigh** 
  • Beggars coming to you and asking for coins and how you wish you can tell them they have more in their bowl/cup  than you in your pocket!

Jokes apart,  I have received my debit card yesterday , life is coming back to normal again . Thanks everyone for your love , concerns and sharing your experiences with me .

There is an old age saying Whatever happens happens for good , it is true to an extent that we always have  learnings and awakenings from the darkest moments of our lives. I actually lived the difference between what we need and what we want in life in the last week. For example I want an Iphone or Samsung Galaxy S6 but my requirements can be fulfilled with a J5 or even lesser expensive one. I just need a smartphone which has decent features and suits my  budget so I picked up one such phone. Another example , We decided to do our grocery with what we need for a week to survive: some fruits, veggies, milk  ,eggs , oil and bread . It wasn’t expensive compared to my normal grocery tours where I spend hours musing and a heavy amount and then come back with everything not in my shopping list .The human needs are simple and affordable , they don’t force  you to go out of the way to have them. It is our desires , social pressure and inner complexes. Although there is part of world population which is struggling to meet their basic needs ,  the discussion here is for people who can easily afford them and are still struggling with their wants and  like to have which ultimately turns them unhappy  and demotivated.

I think the best life is a minimalist’s life,  just take care of what you need and leave the rest for others. Life will become easy and more peaceful. Another thing to add to my to list of 2017, incorporating the minimalist’s approach .

Have a nice weekend everyone !



My Yesterday’s True Story

Hi Guys,

My this post is especially  for women  who like to keep their important stuff at one place, very organised in their beloved hand bag everything sorted out, the makeup pouch, the phone, the keys and all their important cards. You name it and here it is, handed out from the well known corner of their bags.


Yesterday I ran into some bad luck , I forgot my bag in the metro and it was gone as soon the doors of metro were closed. With that one second, life changed, I was without my phone , my wallet with all my id cards and bank cards in it, no cash and without keys of my home. I stood there wondering, did it actually happened ?  Is it just a bad dream ?  I pinched myself, no it was real . What should I do …I first ran  to the help desk at metro station, tried to call Metro Emergency Number and  told the drivers of the last metro to check for my abandoned bag, no luck, the drivers didnt find anything. I rushed back home,  with some remaining good luck that day I had my metro card in my pocket, my husband was still home  to open the door  for me, and then I tried calling my number from his phone  but  it was not reachable so you know the rest of the story, Some antisocial element must have picked  up my bag.

First of all I blocked all my cards, then we had to change the locks of the house for the security reasons and thirdly went to police to get the report of loss done, without which I cannot apply for duplicate copy of my id cards .

My Lesson Learnt : Never ever keep all your important things at one place , try to put few in your jacket’s pockets  like metro pass and phone and few in your jeans/pants ‘s pocket  like your id card  or   carry a sling bag ( for all important things)  if you have 2-3 bags to carry everyday like a laptop, lunch bag and your hand bag.

Positive side:

  • I bought a new phone and I was thanking God that I never buy a very expensive phone for the kind of lost person I am, I better know myself.
  • I slept early yesterday owing to the long day  I had.
  • I ate no lunch adding to my diet, didnt feel any hunger.
  • I had a day off though I wouldn’t like to have ones like these.
  • I passed one full day without being online .Can you believe that ?

P.S: For those of you who might be thinking what kind of irresponsible person I am  to forget my bag  , Shit happens !! , I was actually lost in reading a book, almost missed my stop and when I got down , forgot one of the 3 bags I was carrying and Come on peeps!   it is after 10 years I have lost my bag again , actually last time it was stolen in 2007.


New Year Updates

Hi Everyone , It’s been a while I have been away from my blog , I wonder if any creature has noticed 😀  In any case if you were wondering where was I ! I had been dead  busy with my laziness, lack of motivation, some health issues, french classes and January sales !  I hope you all had nice end of year holidays and a great starting of New Year, by the way  I finished all my holidays during my excessive travelling last year so I was working until the last day of 2016( Poor me! ) I love to self pity myself 😉


My Last year was overall okay . I travelled  to India, Algeria (twice) ,Spain (twice) , Germany and Poland so for my travelling nerve  I am more than satisfied , I have decided to rest a bit this year . I had  read 12 books and completed my GoodRead Challenge for which I am Proud of myself ! Some of my closed ones left us forever but then I had my niece born on 19th Dec alhamdulillah , can’t always keep complaining . I also finished one semester of french language.

I was worried for my growing weight and lethargy  and then in August I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism . It was only a month of taking my medicines for thyroid when I started having bouts of unbearable back pains, and a month later I was diagnosed with degenerating lumbar discs, another feather in my cap.  Being a hopeless optimist , I think  these early diagnosis were blessings , I have started to take more care of my health now, joined the gym  and  eating more healthy. The conditions seems under control as of now .


I have kept few goals for 2017 , Being the lazy person I am !

  • My goodreads challenge of 10 books to read this year.
  • My goal to visit 5 new cities  InshaAllah ! I recently saw a friend putting up her travelling goals in terms of  cities to visit, It is actually so much better, You can even travel near by and still be a  tourist and be able to meet your travel goals.
  •  Writing in Urdu so you will see some blog posts in Urdu.
  • Blogging more regularly.
  • Continue  my french classes .
  • Revive my dead food blog.
  • Reduce my impulsive shopping .
  • Keeping in touch with my friends and family regularly. ( I have already worked on it last year, I am too bad at keeping contacts )


that was all from me for now, See you with next blog !