Food Shaming

  1.  The reactions of the health conscious colleagues eating with you is directly proportional to the amount of oil in your food.
  2. It is okay to eat a salad laden with cream based dressings but not okay to have a home cooked meal with some extra serving of virgin olive oil on it.
  3. Eating healthy is not as important as showing off that you ate healthy.
  4. You are not a true health lover if you don’t eat quinoa and avocado .
  5. Don’t you dare to bring in potatoes and banana in your lunch bag .
  6. Please hide when you eat your cheat meals and don’t do it not shamelessly like me 😀 Otherwise you could be cake shamed/ice cream shamed/cheese shamed or probably oil shamed .cat-meme

Food shaming is such a  in  thing , It is so normal to shame your colleagues or friends or even strangers by looking at their food and giving reactions. What someone else is eating has become everybody’s business 😀 Recently I had such an experience while eating my lunch, some of my colleagues complained of the extra oil they could see in my food .Mind it they were all men eating salads and soups  with a woman among them gorging on her fried okras and chapati! There was another incident when I brought them  some home baked sweets and they had it even less than what a bird’s beak could pick up in spite of my plea that it is made from stevia and coconut oil, the healthy way ! so I  had to take the box back and my husband asked me what has happened and if  they didnt like it .  I said no, it was just too unhealthy for them 😀 so yeah food shaming is real and you should say no to it, I am free to eat whatever I like without the approval of any health police.


P.S: The above post is written in light humour , don’t take it too seriously , keep eating healthy and stay healthy !  Have a good weekend.








Food Challenge

After the Quotes Challenge I am back with a Food Challenge now, Thanks to accidentallyinked who nominated me for this yummy Challenge. She writes great poems and posts great pictures, Do check her blog if you have not done it yet.


  1. You have to write your feelings not the recipe.
  2. You have to tell the person who is nominating you what is your favourite food(so He/She can also give it a try if they like. 🙂 )
  3. You have to add a picture of the dish.
  4. You have to nominate 7 persons for this challenge.

It is difficult for me just to choose one dish as most of you know my love for food. I am feeling like I am doing injustice to other dishes, So for the sake of choosing, there is one dish  I absolutely love and can never say no to it ,unless I am fasting 😀 and it is Biryani .

Biryani is a popular dish originated from Indian  Subcontinent. The word itself has Persian origin . Biryani is basically rice cooked with meat and spices.Different regions has their unique style of preparing it varying from north to south of India and in Pakistan too. It is a delight to cook  as well, it fills your entire house with an aroma of spices that leaves you  hungry long before it is cooked completely  and  served.

I love to eat Biryani with Kebab and Raita.  I have a picture of all of them together from last Eid.


It is also a new favorite of my husband nowadays so every weekend either we are cooking it or gulping it down directly  in Indian Restaurants .

Btw I have a food blog too, if some of you still don’t know , do check it out ( .For the moment , it is becoming more healthy blog based on our diets after all the messing up done this year and last year  😉

My nominations for this challenge :

  1. farheen siddiqui
  2. Hiba
  3. desertchameleonblog
  4. Nisthur Anadi
  5. Serpico
  6. sulphurman
  7. tamtam012013
  8. anyone who wishes to share their favorite food.

and anyone who did it already or do not want to make a post about it, just leave a comment with your favorite food 🙂


My New Blog for food !!

For my sister Loubnanya🙂

She actually made me think of doing the recipe posts! Well,  I didn’t think of putting my  recipes on this blog, I had in my mind to make another blog for food in future as I am always procrastinating things,well you gave me a nice push, so this weekend we ( me n my husband) finally managed to create our blog.

right now,it just has one recipe that I cooked on weekend, I hope we will put more recipes soon so you can  have options to choose ,:-)

fromworldskitchen  is the name of my new blog.

So if you are foodies and like to cook , do follow my new blog. Your feedbacks are awaited , even for  something that you didn’t like, it can help us improve things.