Eid ul Adha – A Feast of Sacrifice

downloadAs muslims around the world are celebrating Eid ul Adha/Eid ul Kabir/Bakra Eid ,(as is called in different countries). I wish you all a very Happy Eid , May Allah accept our sacrifices on this day and hope you enjoy with your loved ones!

Somebody asked me, so what do you do on this day , so I had my answer ready , We, as muslim women  on this day wear new clothes, cook the best food and enjoy it with our families ! Men have another task  apart from mass prayers, they have to take care of sacrificing the animal and then  distributing the rightful shares to relatives and poor .

Why do you celebrate it ?? I know the symbolic story of Prophet Ibrahim (A.S) that he was asked to sacrifice his son who was replaced by a sheep by  Allah  so this is why all muslims sacrifice sheep/goats or other animals this day. I said yes, this is true, so after that person was gone, I thought ,what else do I know more than him/her  as a muslim?May be nothing, the festival has become more as a ritual or tradition for us, we look forward to holidays,good food ,clothes and meeting our families and I think that is all, even the meat that we give to poor people,we are giving  them as if we are doing charity , but  actually it is not, it is their right from Allah, how many of us are offering them with all due respect and not as charity ??

Prophet Ibrahim (A.S)  when asked for this sacrifice ,had only one son then  and  Ismail(A.S) was born when he was too old,  how must have  an old father felt putting a knife on his young son’s neck? but he did it with all his willingness and submission to Allah, what has been the level of love in his heart for Allah , his obedience ,that led him to overcome  all his emotions. But he was not a common man , he was a prophet.Yes , we  all have this in our minds, but  even as common man what actually can we  sacrifice today for Allah on this day, What can we let go? How much obedient we are to Him?

I do not intend to spoil your happy moods with my post,   but just to make you a bit  more thoughtful, more grateful for the blessings we have and more humble towards others , along with being joyful!

Have a blessed joyful Eid !!

( P.S  : Do let me know if you can think of one thing that you can let go for sake of Allah )