Food Shaming

  1.  The reactions of the health conscious colleagues eating with you is directly proportional to the amount of oil in your food.
  2. It is okay to eat a salad laden with cream based dressings but not okay to have a home cooked meal with some extra serving of virgin olive oil on it.
  3. Eating healthy is not as important as showing off that you ate healthy.
  4. You are not a true health lover if you don’t eat quinoa and avocado .
  5. Don’t you dare to bring in potatoes and banana in your lunch bag .
  6. Please hide when you eat your cheat meals and don’t do it not shamelessly like me 😀 Otherwise you could be cake shamed/ice cream shamed/cheese shamed or probably oil shamed .cat-meme

Food shaming is such a  in  thing , It is so normal to shame your colleagues or friends or even strangers by looking at their food and giving reactions. What someone else is eating has become everybody’s business 😀 Recently I had such an experience while eating my lunch, some of my colleagues complained of the extra oil they could see in my food .Mind it they were all men eating salads and soups  with a woman among them gorging on her fried okras and chapati! There was another incident when I brought them  some home baked sweets and they had it even less than what a bird’s beak could pick up in spite of my plea that it is made from stevia and coconut oil, the healthy way ! so I  had to take the box back and my husband asked me what has happened and if  they didnt like it .  I said no, it was just too unhealthy for them 😀 so yeah food shaming is real and you should say no to it, I am free to eat whatever I like without the approval of any health police.


P.S: The above post is written in light humour , don’t take it too seriously , keep eating healthy and stay healthy !  Have a good weekend.








Phone Embarrassing Moments

When  was the last time your phone embarrassed you ?

ME : Just 5 minutes before  !

Today was like any other normal day at work, I  was sleepy after my lunch ,while I sipped tea from my pink mug I scrolled down the newsfeed of my Facebook and then suddenly the song ‘Rang Barse’ started playing, with some of friends dancing on it and playing Holi in other part of world !My face all red ( all natural  without  any colors of Holi ) , my nervous fingers took three attempts to shut it up. I didnt look up  but I can still see the frowns  of some of my angry colleagues and others  amused , saying Thank God it wasn’t them . I have turned off my data for the rest of the day .


It had happened to me other times as well but that was quick for a microsecond,  I think it was on Instagram while   I was looking for a picture to upload and it started playing some strange video , forwarded and auto downloaded on one of my Whatsapp group and I was wondering where the Hell it came from to my phone.

A day before, it had happened to one of my colleague, We were all in a presentation given by our Big Boss ( Boss of the Boss)  , bored like everyone else she started scrolling her FB feed and a video played on.The Boss had to stop his presentation for a minute till she could stop the video and rest everyone had finished laughing 😀

I think the only other person who knows us too well is the phone, the maximum time we spend with every day.  On of the days my phone hid himself in my hand bag, and it took me like 5 minutes to find him back while I was in front of some people  waiting for me to give them some information that I have saved in my phone. Actually those 5 minutes felt like an year  while i was digging in my bag.

and the list can go on and on !

What are your phone embarrassing moments ? 



Some days are Murphy’s days!

Wednesday morning I had my lazy version out and I was snoozing my alarm by every 5 minutes until I saw the time and it was time to scream and jump out of bed and start the brushing and rushing routine. I almost ran to catch my metro just to know  there was a problem in track and there was no metro  for another 20 minutes at least , so I knew that it was Murphy’s day and his rules  were playing on,

Murphy how genious you were !

  • Everything takes longer than you think.
  • Everything takes longer than it takes.
  • Anything that can go wrong will go wrong.

So I saw  more and more people swarming in the metro station every 5 minutes and soon it was  packed with angry faces all around, one of them was mine too 😛

After waiting for 30 minutes , finally  a metro arrived! A sigh of relief and some smiles around. As soon as I moved forward to step in, there was an announcement  saying ‘this metro has some problem and needs to be vacated ! ‘ , so the people inside also came out  to join us with even more angrier faces .

After 10 minutes we had another metro but already packed with people! I tried to enter but I was pushed out by people.OKAY,alright , I tried again and I was pushed back again, so I tried hard third time but I was pushed back with even more strength  until the door closed automatically on my face!

So I stood there to see the metro leaving ! I know I looked funny then ! My husband had a nice laugh already when I told him what happened that day and he is laughing again that I even made a post about it 🙂

Coming back to my story I was then waiting  for next metro which gave me enough time to calm down ,I didn’t feel  rush or hurry  anymore  because I was already late.A little late or too late is any way late! I suddenly remembered my everyday commuting with Delhi metro for almost 2 years,the incident pushed me back to old memories ! Busy metro stations , lines to get in metros, pushing people ,rushing people,some angry faces having bad day,others listening to Radio Mirchi or their playlists, some chatting in their phones and remaining peeking into their neighbour’s phones! .Waiting for next metro in Delhi in hope of  less crowd  was a waste of thoughts as the metro could be more packed but not less 😛 I was mostly standing in ladies compartment and sometimes traveling with my foot on somebody else’s feet,embarrassed to look up into other’s eyes but to be surprised to see a smiling face saying ”It is alright,don’t worry .This is Delhi Metro.”

Human beings are same everywhere and so are their reactions! As soon as we had crowd in metro station here, there was no rule! only chaos to rush in the metro first ! or I would say the reactions were stronger here compared to India  because people in Belgium are not habitual  to seeing so many people or travelling this way! Some were almost in panic and overwhelmed! We do not know how we will react to a certain situation until it arises and  I exactly saw it there!

so Murphy’s day was over that day with some observational   human  and self analysis !

Ending with another of his law:

Smile ,Tomorrow can be worse  

(donot kill me for this one :P)

The Mean Gene!

As I have start to move a bit further on scale of my age( and Weight too 😉  ) , the behavior/habits I have laughed  about my grandmother and father , those traits have started to surface in my behavior too ,  two of the things I have started doing which accredit to these culprit genes :

My father and my grandmother(his mother), always call the person they are talking to with the name of person who is not present  there at that moment! We always have to correct them, My father sometimes  calls me Nadira which is the name of his youngest sister and when he is with her, He often calls her Sana (my name) .It is the same with my grandmother, she always calls me with name of my cousin who is not present there 🙂 It is funny and irritating at same time! Well I did the same thing to one of my colleague during lunch time this week, twice and he reminded me , it’s not his name 😀 I  felt the attack of those mean genes first time! Gosh Not ME !!

The second behavior: my father is always talking of something he felt bad about or been angry about for long time .Everyday  you talk to him, he will repeat it to you and you always have to remind him,” forget it Daddy, it’s over!!”  but he remains  so emotional and angry about it for days until something worse happens and he talks about the later one then. I am doing the same thing from past one week, every time at dinner table I discuss the same thing   I was angry about  ,to my husband and he tells me the same thing, “Forget about it dear!! You don’t have to take everything to your heart!! ”

I told him, don’t worry it’s not me, it’s the Mean Genes once again !!

Though miles apart, how we behave like our parents or grandparents , it’s incredible!! How we sit like them, walk like them, make same faces!! Its simply amazing!

I could only remember  the meaning of  a verse of Quran ‘ To which of the favors of your Lord, Will you deny’ , and my heart replies  ‘None my King ,none!! ‘