Writer’s Quote Wednesday-Rumi


From the wisdom of Rumi , I bring you another Jewel . It is from Masnavi Book 1 and Chapter name is  “In Things Spiritual There Is No Division”. I held my breath for few seconds after I read this verse, so powerful and so deep ! Indeed when we imagine ourselves as spiritual beings all notions of division disappear from the mind be it of man or woman, rich or poor, beautiful or ugly , young or old , black or white. We are just spirits or souls. And as we imagine  ourselves as mere soul, everyone else becomes our equal  immediately. We then assume ourselves as same matter and feel the urging sense of belongingness to another world that conforms to our origination from a single source.There is a peace observed in spirituality because all the desires are dropped for the moment, the mind which teaches division,  shuts down to listen to all  the beautiful cosmic silences . The eyes close then themselves because vision is hindrance to concentration pouring in and there is energy flowing in and around you. Meditation is a beautiful way to spiritual experience and knowing yourself .Few minutes of silence in meditation daily are enough to satiate your soul .

Writer’s Quote Wednesday-Rumi


I guess it is the time again to bring you from the gems of Mawlana Rumi. It is one of my favorite quote and I am sure will become your favorite too.


Quotes are nothing but affirmation of unspoken thoughts residing inside your mind and when you read them , they resonate inside with those words and your heart tells you it is the truth ! Mawlana Rumi has mastered this art of capturing these thoughts and they serve as sign and reminder of our true inner feelings.

The biggest proof of this quote is my  blog and I  keep coming back here to pen down my thoughts, although a virtual space but it is still a place for refuge for being with my own self where that otherwise quiet person inside, speaks . This is what I like the most may be to be clear in my mind, to hear what’s going inside . Sometimes some stories unfold, sometimes  old memories resurface and sometimes there is good old  friend’s advice.There is so much going on, we just need some time to stop and listen, to be our own friend .

We may not be able to pursue our passion as full time thing because of many reasons in life but we can always find some time to do the things we like to do the most. It serves as a form of meditational therapy to keep you calm and at peace.

Do let me know what you all like to do ?  Happy Wednesday Everyone !



What if this existence is not real?

Often a thought

passes my mind

What if this existence

is not real?

This body, this breath

and touch  is nothing

but what I see in a dream.

And I will wake up

Somewhere as oblivious

as I am now of

where  I am sleeping.

A rich man waking up poor

And the poor will be rich.

Some will thank for

The dream is over

While others will cry

for their dream is wasted

in chasing a mirage.

Inspired by Rumi’s Masnawi , was reading his famous quote  while this poem happened in my mind .

This place is a dream. Only a sleeper considers it real. Then death comes like dawn, and you wake up laughing at what you thought was your grief.


Reflections from Rumi’s Masnavi

This is the third week of Ramadan ,which is  also almost over and I hope all of you are doing great with packing up your energy buffers for the rest of the year, to be more precise spiritual buffers .Ramadan is not only about fasting and praying but a time to reflect upon our lives and how we can make it better both physically and spiritually.Ramadan comes as a mirror for who we are and what we are capable of doing. We pray five times diligently ,give alms to poor, fast from sunrise to sunset refrain from bad things like lying ,backbiting , hurting others, cheating etc ,this is a reflection of who we can be when we truly want and also of what we are not everyday when it is not Ramadan !!

Recently I was reading Volume 1 of Masnavi and  came across the wonderful story  about Yusuf A.S and his friend who gifted him a mirror. the conversation between them is beautiful , what I liked most  are the lines below :

“I brought you a mirror, O light (of my eyes), so that when you
look at your face you may remember me.”

then Rumi(A.S)  goes on to explain the deeper aspect of reflection.

What is the mirror of existence? Non-existence.(So) take
non-existence (as a gift), if you aren’t foolish

The existence of anything can really be felt by its non existence. While we are fasting and we feel the pain of hunger , we are nothing but reflection of food. May be that is why we go on cooking all the delicacies for our iftaar and  infact  we could hardly eat much after breaking the fast. What is the worth of  rich man’s wealth if he hasn’t suffered or realized the pain of poverty. A mere good reflection could be helping the poor. The life of duniya (world) is nothing but to give what you have be it a smile, a helping hand or a shoulder to cry upon. Give what you have to those who don’t and you will receive what you have not. Look out where you are needed , improvise solutions  of problem you have, maybe you will discover a way and   help others too.



Will be back soon with more of my such reflections, do tell me if you like it or want to add  your thoughts.

WQWWC: Change

For this week I have chosen a quote from Rumi based on theme Change .It is from the  book ,The Diwan of Shams of Tabriz, by Jalaluddin Rumi.


The complete verse from which the quote is taken :

Those who don`t feel this Love
pulling them like a river,
those who don`t drink dawn
like a cup of spring water
or take in sunset like supper,
those who don`t want to change,

let them sleep.

Love the beauty of this verse ! How poetically Rumi pointed at people who are reluctant to change to consider them as sleeping.What good for others is a sleeping man? What do he or she knows about the events happening around him when he is sleeping. So is the condition of a man who doesn’t want to change  ! He just close his eyes to the truth. The acknowledgement of self and taking care of that inner self is often referred as Awakening where one wakes up to accept the change from this worldly aimless sleep.He observes the beauty in sunrise and sunset , pain becomes blessing and sharing  a joy.You become a seeker of knowledge and truth.The more you experience real joy , less appealing appears to you this life’s distractions.The first step to the path of truth is willingness to  Change and then imbibe the changes in our life to make it more meaningful.



Food for thought from Rumi

For this week, I bring you this verse from Rumi’s Masnavi Volume 6 . The chapter is called Peace with in the Heart. Translated from  Persian by Ibrahim Gamard (with gratitude for R. A. Nicholson’s 1934 British translation) .

The original verse in Persian :

az ko-jâ jôy-êm `ilm? az tark-é `ilm
az ko-jâ jôy-êm silm? az tark-é silm

If you read the above lines, the flow in couplet is flawless and rhythm perfect. The original verse didn’t even have the brackets of true and false, they were added while translating for ease of readers to differentiate between the two.

The words of Rumi are always soul deep, playing with few words and putting reader into utter confusion is his best game and he is not even willing to teach you wisdom so easily, Right?  You need to sit back and keep wondering what he meant by his words, like a tricky homework from teacher.

Although one thing is always certain; he definitely meant something beyond our normal routine life offers to teach us.

How can we search true knowledge? :  By abandoning false knowledge!  But what is false knowledge? It could mean different things to different people, in world of information where we live today; we are blasted with data and information every microsecond of every minute of the events happening around the world and now it has become our habit to stay connected and keep checking.

If I talk about updates from Newspapers that I have subscribed to (unfortunately no better options available), some example of News:

A celebrity is getting divorced, or another is caught dating with someone! How a cruel murder was plotted, a minister slammed another minister on twitter? How an ex-wife avenged her ex-husband?

Do we need to know all of it? May be 1 % is the useful information and rest is all just crap.

Knowledge is awareness of facts; or possession of some skill .What could be false awareness and false skills? May be something which is not useful for us or others, abandoning such knowledge would magnify our view on more useful facts and skills that will benefit us and others. Instead of wasting our time on something insignificant, learning or acquiring a useful skill will give us true knowledge.

With the first jargon a bit solved, second one seems easy.

How can we seek true peace? : By abandoning false peace.

Peace is a quiet state or state with no conflicts, or absence of war between any two parties.

Let us take an example: There is a cruel king and his subjects. The subjects never protested to King for his ways of treating them but they are not happy, this is also a state of no conflict, there is no war, the King might think his kingdom is in peace, but we can easily say it is false peace. Both the parties are not happy and there is also a presence of fear in one of them. This could not continue for long, one day they will protest and yearn for true peace.

I feel it similarly, we are all cruel kings that don’t listen to our inner selves, we keep indulging in our desires that give us pleasures but momentarily, we are happy for some time but then unhappiness returns; we then chase for our next desire and so on! The conflict keeps rising until one of the self gives up. Which one gives up depends on what we choose! We become a seeker of true peace or a follower of false peace.

True peace for me is a state of no conflict between my outer and inner self. The moments of quietness of mind, tranquillity in heart and absence of fear from it are the moments of peace for me.

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When You Become Sugar

The inspiration for this post is this verse from Rumi’s Masnavi:

When you are sweet because of sugar, it is (possible) that
sometime the sugar may become absent from you.

(But) when you become sugar as a result of being faithful,
then sugar will never be separated from sugar.

The original goes in Farsi (Persian) like this:

chûn tô shîrîn az shakar bâsh-î, bow-ad
k-ân shakar gâhê ze-tô ghâyib shaw-ad

chûn shakar gard-î ze-ta’Sîr-é wafâ
pas shakar kay az shakar bâsh-ad jodâ?

Isn’t it beautiful? The two simple lines speak the behavioural reality of people.

When things in our life are good, we are happy, jolly and sweet but then some sudden unpleasant incidents turn us into a bitter person momentarily or for life long. Our behavioural sweetness depends on our mood and the mood depends on our mental and emotional states. The condition of our lives, what are we going through are shaping the person we are becoming every day. Sometimes we are sad because of our external world and sometimes we are sad because we are not happy with our own self. There is sadness inside our inner world when we are not meeting our own expectations.

Our behaviour is a mirror of our mental state and same is the case with sweetness, we need to check the source of our sweetness where is it coming from? If the supply is external it will surely stop one day and the void of sweetness will be filled by bitterness quickly. A bad traffic, delay of planned or expected events, encounters with rude people just spoils our mood and turns us into a bitter person instantly. Have we thought about it? Yes we do a bit in fact the constant reminder in our minds start beeping “why should you spoil your mood because of somebody else “. Few rants later or exchange of bad words or looks keep us all going and human at same time.

But then there are moments where the voids of soul start screaming loud and you start looking for soul food  to fill it in because our actions and thoughts doesn’t seem enough, we get consumed every day with our daily exposures to life. Our everyday prayers in invisible and spiritual ways help us to refill our reservoirs. Spiritual reflections are another way which helps us to fill this void. Rumi’s suggestion to become sugar is such spiritual reflection. To get the characteristic of sweetness deeply imbibed in our nature that it becomes a part of you so what can separate you from you? (Except Allah swt and normally He  doesn’t stop you from doing good)

It is a big challenge to practice every day, to keep our calm and cool in all circumstances. By accepting the decree of Allah in which ever state He has kept us, we can then only truly embrace life and experience happiness inside our inner realm, the invisible dimension of every human being and then become sweetness or better said as Rumi’s sugar.



Some thoughts from Rumi’s Masnavi

There is no need for me to mention again about the great wisdom hidden in works of Mawlana Rumi  and the purpose is not to bore you  with his  thoughts either,  the purpose is always the same  to share his great ideas so pardon me for choosing his quotes again and again.  Nobody should be deprived of this fountain of knowledge and wisdom. This is from Volume 1 of Masnavi, picked up from lines between ‘1121-1149’ .

There is a theory of opposite that is explained by Rumi , it is called ‘Things are revealed by their opposite’ and the way he explained why we do not see God is worth reading.

There isn’t light (at) night, and (so) you don’t see
colors; therefore (light) is made evident by the opposite of

(First) is the seeing of light, then the sight of color.
And you know this instantly by (awareness of) the contrary
of light.

God created pain and (yearning) sorrow for this sake:
so that happiness may occur by (means of) this opposite.

Thus, hidden things are revealed by (their) opposites.
(And) since God has no opposite, He is hidden.

How do we know that the moment we are living now is better than the moments we have lived , we do it by a simple comparison since future is uncertain the only possibility of assessment  is with evidence of opposites. How do we know  we are feeling sad, we know it because it doesn’t feel the same when we are happy ,  we can distinguish between different feelings. Imagine if there was just one feeling , could we even define then what a feeling is ? We never notice the presence of oxygen around us because we have always lived with it but the lack of oxygen is surely felt . The presence of opposites do help us to define things, feel things,  see things and sometimes value them as well.


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Writer’s Quote Wednesday : Rumi

It is been another of hectic week at work and my brain is so drenched in coding that I do have  hardly any thoughts for my blogs  ( even in my dreams I am  debugging my code ) but I  am still trying to be regular with my Wednesday Quotes 🙂

For Writer’s Quote Wednesday , bringing you again from treasure of Rumi, I love  reading his quotes and books whenever I get time, they are full of wisdom and  resonate very well with my feelings,moods and thoughts,  so sharing another of his wonderful gem.

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When-you-go-through-a (1)

Reason for sharing this quote , I personally feel very associated with this quote , and I have observed it to be so true with my life so far. There are difficult time in everyone’s life ,we all try to be strong  but then there are those breaking  moments when one realizes this is my threshold ,I cannot take it any further! Patience is running up , time is passing by and things are not getting any better. Then also come in self doubt , was it right decision I made ? or am I not good enough!

We are helplessly trying out all the options but nothing works! There is anger and frustration piling up each passing day and we start to lose our motivation,We get sad about our situation . Comparison to  the  happy lives of others bring us more pessimism.We all reach a point  when we have thoughts of giving up on being strong and holding on  , Everything is pulling us to give up but there is something inside, asking us not to give up and hold on ,telling us Everything will be fine! and we wonder  when and how ?

So when you feel that  iota of hope amidst everything going bad, Jump on it and grab it quickly , because it is then when you are so close to things getting done,  finding solutions to your problem  or the end of bad times.

It is alright to cry ,but not alright to give up!

You are just there at end of night,  take a break from yourself ( from your bad mood), take time to think clearly, away from your problems ,say a silent prayer to your Lord for He knows what is inside every heart , just ask Him to ease your way and InshaAllah you will be soon out in the sun again !

( P .S : today again I have deja vu Murphy moment for the metro  but I didn’t get pushed out this time , a bit of Indian style worked for me )

Writer’s Quote Wednesday- Rumi


Another wonderful quote from Rumi(A.S) that  I want to share with you , I loved it absolutely when I read it for the first time, It is from the Book ‘Essential Rumi’ .

If we look at our lives today , What is it? For me, it is 5 days of doing some similar work and 2 days doing something which could not be done in those 5 days, then waiting for the weekend  ,And  my life goes on  between the ’ week’ and ‘weekends’.

We are all stuck! Stuck in the circle, called routine! and there is no other way to live without this circle as well.

This routine has given us many things like getting worried for small little things about our work, home and elsewhere and building up stress  .We  manage to release some of it during weekends and get prepared for another week like a brave soldier. We crave for vacations and holidays , and dread to go back to our routine regardless it is a Sunday night or night before the end of  vacation  !

Coming back to the Quote, our minds are like empty pots, we are completely in power to choose what we fill it up with, most often we stuff it with too much worrying !  and we are so focussed  while worrying that we hardly see the other good things  in life. Worrying is nothing but a prison that confines us to think ,to see beyond , although the door is wide open.

Let’s empty our brains of worry and trust in Allah our creator, He  is enough for all our problems,we cannot achieve anything by worrying . What we can do is be proactive and manage our lives better. Do the things that need to be done and wait and be patient.  Be thankful to what we have, and fill our minds with good thoughts, gratitude and love for each other.

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