Blog and Life updates

This has been one hectic year until now, lot of things happening in life so eventually very less happening on my blog ūüôā Its been 5 months now ¬†we have shifted from Brussels to a smaller town, away from noise and traffic to a quieter place. The shift from apartment to a house took some time to get habituated and adjusted to bigger rooms , less cosy though. There were weekends spent in shopping for the interior decor for the home and then deciding ¬†what to place where. The setting ¬†remain same for only a week ¬†and then ¬†it was changed again. The best part for me to live in a house is the garden , it’s a pity ¬†summers are short here nevertheless we have enjoyed our first summers in our new home. We have grown some potatoes, tomatoes ,ginger and garlic.

If you has been following me on Instagram , then you know we have quite frequents visitors to our home . There was a black and white calico cat coming to us quite often ¬†and now we have another black cat whom we call ‘Bagheera‘ living in our garden from a month. The former belongs to one of the neighbors and this one we are not sure is stray or not . ¬†Today morning I saw another Black Cat eating from her food bowl while she watching him(I presume :D) ¬†lovingly .

We also have some fishes in the pond and every time I see them near the pond my heart sinks ! but they just go there to drink water and fishes are safe so far. By the way these cats refuse to drink from the water bowl I have kept for them. I was worried for the fishes but the ex-owner assured me the cats in neighborhood are trustworthy . Another of the neighbor has a rabbit , and he told us the cats are playing with their rabbit sometimes ! I think since these cats are well fed so they are not into hunting business yet as most of the people are keeping food for these cats in their gardens irrespective of the fact if they are the cat owners or not. I really pray that they remain this innocent always ūüôā . The other day we bought a ‘mouse’ toy for Bagheera but she ran away when she saw it coming towards her instead of playing ! Apart from that I have taken up painting for weekend, enjoying it so far ,you can check few of them in pictures below .

Hope you all are doing well as well. See you soon with another Blog post.




101 Simple Things that makes you happy Challenge

Recently I have been nominated by Stephanie  from ScaleSimple, for this challenge. I loved her list of 101 simple things that make you happy. While I started to write my list, I felt a bit childish ( after a long time :D)  and it seemed some overhead of work but once you are done , you will be surprised by the amount of things you should be grateful for in life than you actually are . It took me few days to complete this list  but I did it finally.

Happiness 101 Simple Things Challenge rules…

  • Write 101 Simple things that make you happy

  • Tag 5 bloggers who you would like to invite to take part in this challenge

  • Mention my blog¬†in your post!

    so here is my list !

  1. Happiness is completing  your first fast in Ramadan.
  2. Happiness is breaking fast with loved ones.
  3. Happiness is cooking with  husband.
  4. Happiness is shopping with friends.
  5. Happiness is meeting an old pal.
  6. Happiness is travelling to a new place.
  7. Happiness is striking off the name of a Destination covered from your travel list.
  8. Happiness is sharing my food.
  9. Happiness is going home on Eid.
  10. Happiness is seeing kids of family.
  11. Happiness is buying a new book.
  12. Happiness  is eating my favorite dish cooked by  mother.
  13. Happiness is going back to places and eating at my favorite restaurants
  14. Happiness is getting things right in first attempt.
  15. Happiness is going to all girls meet out.
  16. Happiness is getting  a surprise birthday gift from  a friend living faraway.
  17. Happiness is  when  mother in law says she is missing me.
  18. Happiness is cooking for friends.
  19. Happiness is surprising  hubby with his favorite dish.
  20. Happiness is in smelling aroma of Biryani.
  21. Happiness is finding my favorite color in flowers while walking .
  22. Happiness is when someone smiles at me .
  23. Happiness is talking all night with  cousins.
  24. Happiness is making hot chocolate on cold winter night .
  25. Happiness is booking my next trip.
  26. Happiness is finding  way  back when I am lost in my explorations.
  27.  Happiness is being on sea side.
  28. Happiness is  changing interiors of  home.
  29. Happiness is buying a new teapot.
  30. Happiness is matching my kitchen accessories.
  31. Happiness is collecting different types of teas.
  32. Happiness is publishing a new post on my blog.
  33. Happiness is finding new friends on wordpress.
  34. Happiness is watching Tom and Jerry.
  35. Happiness is reading Charles Dickens.
  36. Happiness is being at Granier and 365 (Spanish Cafe chain)
  37. Happiness is eating Dosa  in Belgium ( South Indian Food)
  38. Happiness is buying  a new scarf for my Hijab Collection.
  39. Happiness is wearing a gharara ( Traditional Dress)
  40. Happiness is buying yet another nude shade of lipstick .
  41. Happiness ¬†is leaving from work early on fridays ūüôā .
  42. Happiness is workout at gym.
  43. Happiness  is going for long walk .
  44. Happiness is greenery around.
  45. Happiness is waking up late on weekends.
  46. Happiness is being pampered when you are sick .
  47. Happiness is ¬†remembering my brother’s childhood adventures.
  48. Happiness is visiting my grandparents.
  49. Happiness is eating my homemade jam.
  50. Happiness is going for a  picnic.
  51. Happiness is watching a football match together with husband.
  52. Happiness is watching old movies.
  53. Happiness is looking at childhood pictures.
  54. Happiness is  watching  goal scored  from your favorite football team.
  55. Happiness is skyping with your best friend.
  56. Happiness is discovering a shortcut to home .
  57. Happiness is call from father.
  58. Happiness is doing crazy things with my brother (example discussing the growth of his newly born fish.)
  59. Happiness is baking a cake !
  60. Happiness is reading Rumi’s Mathnavi.
  61. Happiness is seeing your family after long time.
  62. Happiness is your cousin’s wedding.
  63. Happiness is solving a puzzle.
  64. Happiness is seeing your wedding ring everyday and remembering the day.
  65. Happiness is learning to sew .
  66. Happiness is scribbling into my diary.
  67. Happiness is painting.
  68. Happiness is taking pictures.
  69. Happiness is a cup of coffee.
  70. Happiness is growing  your plants.
  71. Happiness is daydreaming.
  72. Happiness is spring.
  73. Happiness is watching your favorite comedy show.
  74. Happiness is sharing a joke on whatsapp.
  75. Happiness is cooking for iftar(traditional cooking for ramadan).
  76. Happiness is cheesecake.
  77. Happiness is looking at your organised cupboard! (though it remains only for a day :D)
  78. Happiness is another pair of footwear.
  79. Happiness is smell of your favorite perfume.
  80. Happiness is a bug fixed ( when I code ūüėÄ )
  81. Happiness is a long chat with a  friend living far away.
  82. Happiness is news of newborn of your friends.
  83. Happiness is checking ¬†pictures of your cousin’s wedding when you can’t go and rest all are sending pictures and doing live commentary.
  84. Happiness is when your cousins tells you they are missing you at a get together event.
  85. Happiness is catching your husband doing something silly.
  86. Happiness is when you realize you have finally got rid of an old bad habit.
  87. Happiness is when you have lose some weight accidently.
  88. Happiness is getting a book as gift.
  89. Happiness is Sales Shopping.
  90. Happiness is complaining to your husband that you have nothing to wear ! ūüėČ
  91. Happiness is donuts.
  92. Happiness is  learning something new.
  93. Happiness is visiting your motherland.
  94. Happiness is being in your home town.
  95. Happiness ¬†is going to your parent’s home.
  96. Happiness is being in your old room at your parent’s home.
  97. Happiness is seeing your old toys.
  98. Happiness is sleeping with mommy.
  99. Happiness is buying a new pen ( if you love to write before typing took over)
  100. Happiness is feeling of being loved .
  101. Happiness is a thank you note !

Feel free to participate in this challenge , I am keeping my nominations open to all who would like to do this ! ūüôā


#GirlLove Tag

Hello Everyone, I am back with this #Girllove Tag Post  and I have been tagged by two lovely girls Hiba (In The Bliss Of Broken Dreams) and moonymadness07 (PSYCHEDELIC MELISMAS) .

Thank you so much my dear girls for nominating me for this cause and liking my blog. This post has led to think about inspiring women in my life and also the ones I discovered on wordpress, Something I didn’t do for long .¬†Excusez moi for the long post but I think they all deserve atleast few lines from me, Although I can write a post about each of them ūüėČ Let’s keep this idea for some other time .

so What is this #GirlLove Tag:

It is in response to Lilly Singh’s video on youtube ,you can watch it at end of this post . The money collected by her will go to Malala fund where they will use it for Syrian Girl’s Education so each view matters.The video is about promoting ¬†Girls love and combatting jealousy among women.The amount of energy women spent in putting other women down can be used to ¬†lift each other up. I recommend you to watch it ,it is a great video.

Here’s what you do for the #GirlLove:

  1. Tell your followers who inspires you, a famous woman who may be dealing with negativity on a daily basis. 
  2. Tell your followers who inspires you in real life, a woman you always interact with.
  3. Tag five women bloggers who you love. Compliment them and tell them why you love them, and comment under their latest post with the link to your #GirlLove post!

If you get tagged, do the post on your own blog. If you want to do it anyway, do it anyway! Add the tag ‚ÄėGirl Love‚Äô to your post, so we can see them all! Let‚Äôs start 2016 with LOVE for each other!


So here I go with my inputs for this challenge:

  1. for point 1 , to name one famous woman who may be dealing with negativity on daily basis, I thought about for almost 15 minutes but nobody actually came to my mind apart from few who are now dead. I am not into watching much TV and ¬†neither am I a die hard fan of some celebrity so please consider my apologies ūüôā ¬†, I do like to read from history and books, ¬†So based on what I read so far I am inspired by Khadija¬†R.A wife of prophet Mohammed P.B.U.H . She was a strong woman, who ran her business , took care of household of her husband and raised the children of prophet . She also donated her wealth for the needy. She was the first person who believed in the prophet and stood by him in all difficult times. ¬†Other women from history I admire are Rabia Basri ,¬†Mother Teresa , Helen Keller , Indira Gandhi , Rani Laxmi Bai , Kiran Bedi .
  2. Now point 2 is getting me emotional, There is just not one woman who inspires me ¬†but I am lucky to be around many strong woman in my life. I owe to my mother for what I am today, She had put the idea of being ¬†independent in my head while I was a child , She always says ¬†“A strong woman is one who is independant, who can take her own decisions .”¬† ¬†Another influential woman in my life is my aunt Nadira My father’s sister , She is a loving teacher , a doting mother , a caring aunt for all the nieces and ¬†nephews she has. She loves people unconditionally and doing things for them makes her happy.

My best friend Sonali , who has become a sister over all these years and sometimes acts like my mother too, She is a homemaker , a loving mum ,a dear wife and an irreplaceable daughter. A strong headed woman who knows what is need of hour and switches her function instantly, having her around keeps me charged with strength. My friend Shivika, who is a rare combination of such emotional and mental strength that has left me  with love and admiration for her. We only need few cups of coffee together to recharge us back for our daily struggles.

My friend Marina who I met not long ago but the bonding was an instant one, She is a young , strong , independent and inspiring woman who wants to change the world with  idea of sustainable living and yet she is so soft in her heart. Her warm smile made  way in my heart instantly. My cousin Shazli , who vowed to stick by me in my thick and thin days during our childhood and she still means it. We had our  fun and adventure sprees during summer holidays and  we were a perfect crime partner for each other . Her beauty is remarkable which  hardly goes unnoticed but her glowing heart  is even more beautiful  and is seen by only few and I am one such lucky person to know her inside out. She is criminal lawyer by profession and currently a new mum to her second child.

3. There are so many of you whom I love following and reading your blogs even to choose a few  would be difficult, I still have to make my choice and my favorite and inspiring women bloggers are :

Hiba (In The BlissOfBrokenDreams)  writes lovely poetry , She is sensitive  and a loving person which you can sense reading her poetry and interacting with her.She always appreciates the work of others and motivates people.

 moonymadness07 (PSYCHEDELIC MELISMAS)  writes her mind and heart. She is one such authentic blogger I love following . She loves being who she is and I love her for being true and real.

Ameena k.g (Randoms by a Random) writes beautiful poetry. She can easily express into words even very difficult emotions. I admire her for raising awareness for Mental Illness on her blog. Please keep doing it girl.

Janice (Ontheland) writes poetry , I love her Haiku . She also shares beautiful quotes on her blog but what interests me most is She  raises awareness about protecting our environment and earth . Her posts are full of informative content about nature. She also shares message of harmony and world peace.

Papatia¬†(Between Sisters, SVP!) ¬†is published author. She has written many novels and also write article for Haiti Magazine.She has recently launched her new book ‘ The Ductrinors’ which I am also reading currently and is great so far. She is an inspiration for young muslim female writers .

accidentallyinked¬†is a poet at heart. She is keen observer and it is beautifully reflected in all her poems. She uses poetry to inspire people that directly creates an impact .She loves photography too so I am ¬†waiting for her picture posts ūüėȬ†

revels1 is another blogger whose posts are so authentic and touching . I can relate well to her posts and she is the one whom I started following since my early days on wordpress. She writes about divinity, Islamic issues and anything on her mind .

farheen siddiqui¬†is a charmer. She will charm you with her romantic poetry , She writes in urdu with English Translit, and for me her poems are no less than Bollywood songs. A sensitive , soft hearted person but a determined one as I know her through her posts and interaction on wordpress, ¬†You do inspire me Farheen ūüôā