Writer’s Quote Wednesday-Rumi


From the wisdom of Rumi , I bring you another Jewel . It is from Masnavi Book 1 and Chapter name is  “In Things Spiritual There Is No Division”. I held my breath for few seconds after I read this verse, so powerful and so deep ! Indeed when we imagine ourselves as spiritual beings all notions of division disappear from the mind be it of man or woman, rich or poor, beautiful or ugly , young or old , black or white. We are just spirits or souls. And as we imagine  ourselves as mere soul, everyone else becomes our equal  immediately. We then assume ourselves as same matter and feel the urging sense of belongingness to another world that conforms to our origination from a single source.There is a peace observed in spirituality because all the desires are dropped for the moment, the mind which teaches division,  shuts down to listen to all  the beautiful cosmic silences . The eyes close then themselves because vision is hindrance to concentration pouring in and there is energy flowing in and around you. Meditation is a beautiful way to spiritual experience and knowing yourself .Few minutes of silence in meditation daily are enough to satiate your soul .

Writer’s Quote Wednesday-Malcolm X

On Death Anniversary of Malcolm X, Remembering his powerful words!

A Day Dreamer's Diary

For Wednesday Ritual Quotation , I chose this quote from Malcolm X, inspired from his autobiography that I started reading a month back but didn’t finish it yet, I am more busy in blogging these days and reading posts from WordPress Reader than  my own  list.

Malcolm X was a strong leader with a great vision,unfortunately he didn’t live long enough to write many books but what he left is worth reading! It somehow gives me that strength that I am looking for,his words are empowering which compels for  the need of self-respect and most essential ,everyone’s right to freedom! . He lived for it and died for it.

Most of his quotes are about freedom and equality , I really like this one as it showed his empathetic side and greater understanding for human nature!


We should not be in  a hurry to blame others or categorize people into good…

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Writer’s Quote Wednesday-Rumi


I guess it is the time again to bring you from the gems of Mawlana Rumi. It is one of my favorite quote and I am sure will become your favorite too.


Quotes are nothing but affirmation of unspoken thoughts residing inside your mind and when you read them , they resonate inside with those words and your heart tells you it is the truth ! Mawlana Rumi has mastered this art of capturing these thoughts and they serve as sign and reminder of our true inner feelings.

The biggest proof of this quote is my  blog and I  keep coming back here to pen down my thoughts, although a virtual space but it is still a place for refuge for being with my own self where that otherwise quiet person inside, speaks . This is what I like the most may be to be clear in my mind, to hear what’s going inside . Sometimes some stories unfold, sometimes  old memories resurface and sometimes there is good old  friend’s advice.There is so much going on, we just need some time to stop and listen, to be our own friend .

We may not be able to pursue our passion as full time thing because of many reasons in life but we can always find some time to do the things we like to do the most. It serves as a form of meditational therapy to keep you calm and at peace.

Do let me know what you all like to do ?  Happy Wednesday Everyone !



#WQWWC – Writers Quote Wednesday Writing Challenge – “Inspiration”

“A writer is one who is constantly looking for his inspiration in everything he feels and come across”   (My Hijab Diaries)

The colors of the sunset sky

 Becomes my inspiration

And sometimes it is the sea.

While walking down

those landscapes

Seeing but not seeing

 Opens up my inner eye!

These songs of birds too

Comfort my aching soul


Sometimes talking to people

Sometimes talking to myself

I find my inspiration to write!

And both of them can’t

Help sometimes either.

Difficult it is as it is easy

For a writer to find an inspiration.


(Taken at Kinderdijk Windmills Netherlands 5/5/16)

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WQWWC: Change

For this week I have chosen a quote from Rumi based on theme Change .It is from the  book ,The Diwan of Shams of Tabriz, by Jalaluddin Rumi.


The complete verse from which the quote is taken :

Those who don`t feel this Love
pulling them like a river,
those who don`t drink dawn
like a cup of spring water
or take in sunset like supper,
those who don`t want to change,

let them sleep.

Love the beauty of this verse ! How poetically Rumi pointed at people who are reluctant to change to consider them as sleeping.What good for others is a sleeping man? What do he or she knows about the events happening around him when he is sleeping. So is the condition of a man who doesn’t want to change  ! He just close his eyes to the truth. The acknowledgement of self and taking care of that inner self is often referred as Awakening where one wakes up to accept the change from this worldly aimless sleep.He observes the beauty in sunrise and sunset , pain becomes blessing and sharing  a joy.You become a seeker of knowledge and truth.The more you experience real joy , less appealing appears to you this life’s distractions.The first step to the path of truth is willingness to  Change and then imbibe the changes in our life to make it more meaningful.



Writer’s Quote Wednesday Writing Challenge :Fantasy(Flash Fiction)

Love this quote from Patrick Rothfuss, The Wise Man’s Fear about the capability of human mind to find answers to question left unanswered!  The imagination has wings which take us from world of reality to world of dreams . The chase of these dreams has led men to invention, innovation and  great discoveries.

Can you imagine a life without imaginations ?


“Imagination is everything. It is the preview of life’s coming attractions.”
Albert Einstein

This week’s theme being Fantasy, I wrote a flash fiction , I guess kids would like it more, but not many are on wordpress :D, Do let me know if you like it !

Princess  of Floriana

Katie was a slow moving green wobbly creature in land of Feriona the magic world. She was an orphan and being raised by her aunt who worked for the Queen of Feriona . Circumstances allowed her to live inside the beautiful lotus shaped Palace built on water pond as her aunt was Queen’s main attendant.

Katie was often the subject of mockery and teasing at hands of young beautiful fairies living inside the castle because of her looks. She has often dreamt of being beautiful like them and become a kind princess unlike all of them, Many times she used to sit alone near the pond side and talk to herself through the reflection in the water, her green skin colour and odd wriggling structure often made her cry and her tears would mix with the water of pond and spread beautiful vibrant colours on the surface. She used to console herself and reassures that looks are not everything, true beauty lies inside the heart of a person and it never fades. She is beautiful from inside and she knows it.

Tired of their behaviour  towards her, Katie decides to leave the palace and explore Floriana, the magical flower land, she has always heard about since her childhood. It was far away across the river at foothills. The most beautiful and kindest of fairies live there. She wanted to go and live in a land of justice and peace. The journey was long and hard, it took her many days to squirm across the forest and reach the river. At the bed of river, she almost lost her hope and started crying! How will she cross the vast river , she cannot swim and unlike other fairies she has no wings to fly. The old weeping willow’s heart melted down and he gave her a big leaf which Katie could use to swim across the river. She hugged and thanked the old tree to save her life and her life’s only dream.

Katie reached the huge heart shaped gates of Floriana , the two guards let her in without any question ! Not amused, she was prepared for a long explanation, she kept walking in a wonder looking left and right at the huge flowers of every colour and type she has ever imagined. She saw a group of fairies walking towards her, all happy to receive her; they gave her a welcome drink made from flower nectar. Katie was then to see the elderly Queen as was the law for every newbie. Walking down the aisle she saw many pictures of creatures like her hung on the walls, she was not a weird creature, there exist more of her kind! This very thought gladdened Katie’s heart and she smiled all the way. Katie reached the door of Queen and with her permission they all went inside. The queen sat in her bed while her magnificent wings sprawled across the floor having the same colours as of  her tears.

The Queen was happy to receive Katie like a lost child.

“All fairies of Floriana live here, you are from us. Where were you my Child until now? “ The Queen told her.

“ Me a fairy of Floriana ??  I lived in Feriona with my aunt ,she brought me up when my parents died.” replied Katie.

“ Feriona?  It is not our kind,” Queen was puzzled.

“I was the odd one there. Everyone made fun of me and I decided to leave that land” Katie replied with a heavy voice and tears in her eyes.

The tears went down making patterns of colours, Queen looked at them unbelievingly. She took her magic wand and touched the pattern. The tears rose to a small cloud and became a crown  placing itself on Katie’s head, soon Katie transformed into a beautiful young Butterfly Fairy  with huge vibrant wings same like that of Queen who was so happy to find the much awaited princess of Floriana and her next heiress. Katie has always has dreamt of becoming a princess and it came true that day. Her happiness couldn’t be described into words.

Don’t lose hope of your inner beauty the world will recognise it one day.

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#WQWWC – Writers Quote Wednesday Writing Challenge – “Mystery”

Mystery always attract our attention and curiosity. We might explore until mars and beyond , there will still be mystery remaining to be solved ,to be explored and being ready to be converted into knowledge.



The important thing is to not stop questioning. Curiosity has its own reason for existence. One cannot help but be in awe when he contemplates the mysteries of eternity, of life, of the marvelous structure of reality. It is enough if one tries merely to comprehend a little of this mystery each day.

By Albert Einstein.

There is small flash fiction here to complete the challenge, do let me know how you find it.

                       Forests of Ratnagiri

The forests of Ratnagiri are well known for their serenity, lush green carpet of shrubs and standing tall Mahogany trees  holding many dark secrets in their hearts. Villagers living in nearby areas forbid going there at night. Many stories of chhalawa float among mouth to mouth broadcast and warnings given to tourists visiting these forests. Jawaz is a logic-reasoning guy and  God fearing  so rest of the fears don’t gather much space in his mind. He doesn’t give a damn about such rumors. He is waiting for the night to walk the famous thandi sadak (cold road) where often this so called ghost appear to people . Sometimes the same incident is encountered by different people. Many questions are revolving in Jawaz’s mind, Are they real?  What are they? Are they dead or something alive? Or is it just imagination of a human mind giving up to their subconscious fears and beliefs. And if by any chance such things exist, he wants to experience it himself!

It was an hour past midnight the weather was cold and dry, Jawaz felt a bit sleepy but he decided to walk the dreary road .He confirmed his checklist of his required stuff .He kept his phone in his jacket,  took torch in  one hand and a stick in another to ward off any small animal if appearing, normally that part of forest does not have wild animals but just in case ! Walking down 200 meters Jawaz felt the footsteps of someone following him. The fear started to surge in, should he look back or not? What if it is a ghost with a scary face? Or just someone on a ghost hunt like him? A chill ran down his spine, his legs a bit shaky, Jawaz closed his eyes, sweat ran down his forehead, He said to himself “You are not scared of anything and anyone except Allah” he turns back quickly. There wasn’t anybody. Jawaz looked around the sides of mud road amidst the forest, no sign of anyone. He kept walking and footsteps kept following, stopping when he stops and moving when he moves. After another 50 meters, he started hearing some chuckles of a girl along with footsteps. The 500 meter long road seemed never ending, every second felt like an hour, his heart pounding faster, throat getting dry and mind losing every sense of logic. He took a deep breath, not letting fear overpower him, there is something not visible to human eye but it is following him. If it wanted to attack him, it would have done it already! Jawaz regaining his thinking process while the fear going down. He decided to talk, “who are you? Why are you following me?’

Few seconds of silence, the laugh got stronger and harder,  echoing through the forest , a female voice replied  ‘ you know who I am,  Villagers have already told you about me then why are you here‘  Jawaz was speechless,  words never reached  his mouth , heart was pumping a mixed strange fear along with blood. He couldn’t still believe what is happening to him, is his mind hallucinating or is it really happening? He looked around there was nobody .

‘I am here up on the tree’. The voice came again.

Jawaz looked at female figure in white sitting atop the tree, he couldn’t see well because of distance in height.

‘leave my forest now!! ‘ , this time voice was with filled anger.

Jawaz couldn’t gather courage to look back at tree or ask any question. His instinct was telling him to leave immediately, He kept walking until the end of the road but this time no footsteps followed him, he had constant feeling of someone watching him until he left the forest.

Even after four years Jawaz couldn’t gather courage to go back to the forests of Ratnagiri and he still has a confusion if he really saw ‘Chhalawa’ that night or was it just his hallucination.The mystery of those forests remains unsolved in his mind.

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#WQWWC – Writers Quote Wednesday Writing Challenge – “Laughter”

Keeping up my  tradition of sharing a  weekly quote on my blog  , I am back with my quotes. There has been slight change  in the Weekly Challenge held at Silver Threading  by Colleen in collaboration with  Ronovan , it is now WQWWC ( Writer’s Quote Wednesday Writing Challenge instead of Writer’s Quote Wednesday) .They both have  decided to push the lazy bloggers like me  out of their comfort zone.There will be prompt word in the challenge and needs to represented  with a Flash fiction , creative writing or Poetry .

The challenge prompt for last week was Laughter .

I  have decided to take up the challenge and push myself a bit off my comfort zone. Creative writing is something that interests me but never thought about writing any fiction , poetry is still a ball in my court but fiction! it is still a distant dream.

Mark Twain is one of my favorite authors and I think every child grow up reading his books.Laughter is the salt of life, life  will be boring without regular  doses of humor and laugh so keep taking yours.



“If we couldn’t laugh we would all go insane.”
Robert Frost

Smiles and laughs help you fight all the difficulties in life , they de-stress you and lighten you up.They give you hope that everything will be okay .Though I am always looking for humor in my life to make it easy going, I also check where it is coming from? if  it is not  at cost of belittling someone , ripping somebody’s self respect and confidence or  making fun of others in a way which we couldn’t do in front of them or that person wouldn’t approve of.

There is small flash fiction here to complete the challenge, do let me know how you find it.


Urwa nervously checked the time in her laptop, it was close to 5.35 pm, time to rush and catch her train! She hurried to the train station, the train was still on platform giving her final whistle and preparing to leave. Escaping from the eyes of Train Incharge Urwa slipped in through the narrow gap between the closing automatic doors. Proud of her stunt, she puffed her chest up and raised her loose bent shoulders, ‘It wasn’t that tough’ she thought to herself and started scanning the coach ‘Ah! That’s a nice place’, Urwa quickly placed her bag on the window seat, not many people at this hour on Fridays. She closed her eyes and thought about the day, it was finally over sitting on the same boring seat, and doing the same boring job, thoughts of her weird imaginations during office hours brought her smile back; after all they are her only friends to escape the boredom stability of life brings along. Urwa got nostalgic about her real friends being away and busy in their lives just like her, may be daydreaming too who knows.

An hour in train she normally spends reading, She started to take her book out from the bag but then a quick thought about her morning journey stopped her, ‘I have already earned enough embarrassment wiping off my tears from these big fat cheeks and people giving me such  pitiful gazes as if I had a break up! Wish could tell them it was the protagonist of novel having breakup.’ Her thoughts were interrupted by a message beep; she could take out her phone only after few fretting moments spent in searching it inside her cluttered bag,   150 messages on her WhatsApp! Something has gone crazy in one of her groups. The humour these days is also short lived, instant jokes and forwards are latest thing, if there is some latest gossip or news on TV, and jokes are out on WhatsApp in few hours. Urwa stumbled upon one such joke and chuckled! When she finished reading, her eyes met the angry gaze of old grouchy woman sitting opposite to her with her crooked eyebrows, Urwa looked away outside her window.

While walking back home, she had a gush of old memories  of  her crazy college days and laughing hysterically with her friends. She sent them a quick message on their WhatsApp group.

‘Miss you crazy fellas!! I was caught laughing in train alone because of your stupid jokes’ and a string of replies pour in.

‘Congratulations! You are officially a crazy person now!’

‘I always knew you have it in you!!’

‘Proud of you ’

‘You are still part of the group?’

Urwa kept smiling until she reached home, content in her heart that their friendship is still strong withstanding all the distances in miles and time.

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Writer’s Quote Wednesday-Steve Jobs

For Wednesday Ritual of Quotes , I have with me a personal favorite from Steve Jobs .


I find this quote a motivation booster at times of confusion between life choices you are about to make or when  you get too confused with opinion of others or experiencing pressure from people around you.You just need to sit down for few minutes in silence with nobody else but yourself, listen to none but yourself  and let your heart speak out its heart to you.

Always take those seldom chances to do things you always have wanted to do even if it for a short while; It helps you to build  confidence and bring you at peace.I think Steve is so right in saying that you know it already what you truly want to become. We all know what we love , what our passion is . Sometimes is is hard to follow that path or practically not possible due to many factors affecting our life but giving yourself small little chances  to do things you are passionate about also helps a lot. That little inner voice which keeps bugging  you to do something gets satisfied somehow . May be it’s the reason we see people passionately waiting for their holidays to go skiing, hiking or mountaineering ,some learning to  cook or dance or paint. They might be actually living their lives in those  holidays and that feeble inner voice gets drowned for some time 🙂

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Food for thought from Rumi

For this week, I bring you this verse from Rumi’s Masnavi Volume 6 . The chapter is called Peace with in the Heart. Translated from  Persian by Ibrahim Gamard (with gratitude for R. A. Nicholson’s 1934 British translation) .

The original verse in Persian :

az ko-jâ jôy-êm `ilm? az tark-é `ilm
az ko-jâ jôy-êm silm? az tark-é silm

If you read the above lines, the flow in couplet is flawless and rhythm perfect. The original verse didn’t even have the brackets of true and false, they were added while translating for ease of readers to differentiate between the two.

The words of Rumi are always soul deep, playing with few words and putting reader into utter confusion is his best game and he is not even willing to teach you wisdom so easily, Right?  You need to sit back and keep wondering what he meant by his words, like a tricky homework from teacher.

Although one thing is always certain; he definitely meant something beyond our normal routine life offers to teach us.

How can we search true knowledge? :  By abandoning false knowledge!  But what is false knowledge? It could mean different things to different people, in world of information where we live today; we are blasted with data and information every microsecond of every minute of the events happening around the world and now it has become our habit to stay connected and keep checking.

If I talk about updates from Newspapers that I have subscribed to (unfortunately no better options available), some example of News:

A celebrity is getting divorced, or another is caught dating with someone! How a cruel murder was plotted, a minister slammed another minister on twitter? How an ex-wife avenged her ex-husband?

Do we need to know all of it? May be 1 % is the useful information and rest is all just crap.

Knowledge is awareness of facts; or possession of some skill .What could be false awareness and false skills? May be something which is not useful for us or others, abandoning such knowledge would magnify our view on more useful facts and skills that will benefit us and others. Instead of wasting our time on something insignificant, learning or acquiring a useful skill will give us true knowledge.

With the first jargon a bit solved, second one seems easy.

How can we seek true peace? : By abandoning false peace.

Peace is a quiet state or state with no conflicts, or absence of war between any two parties.

Let us take an example: There is a cruel king and his subjects. The subjects never protested to King for his ways of treating them but they are not happy, this is also a state of no conflict, there is no war, the King might think his kingdom is in peace, but we can easily say it is false peace. Both the parties are not happy and there is also a presence of fear in one of them. This could not continue for long, one day they will protest and yearn for true peace.

I feel it similarly, we are all cruel kings that don’t listen to our inner selves, we keep indulging in our desires that give us pleasures but momentarily, we are happy for some time but then unhappiness returns; we then chase for our next desire and so on! The conflict keeps rising until one of the self gives up. Which one gives up depends on what we choose! We become a seeker of true peace or a follower of false peace.

True peace for me is a state of no conflict between my outer and inner self. The moments of quietness of mind, tranquillity in heart and absence of fear from it are the moments of peace for me.

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