Writer’s Quote Wednesday-Aristotle

I found this quote quite useful and stands true for everyone.


Criticism is another reality of life, something nobody can avoid or escape. Aristotle expressed in best possible words that only solution to it is ‘Do Nothing, Say Nothing and be nothing! ‘Though it will not apply if you have nosy and sneaky neighbours who will then gossip about you

“O My God, he doesn’t do anything? “


“She doesn’t say anything she has no opinion of her own “,


“He is useless”.

There is no end to criticism and there is no way you can avoid it. The only way is to deal with it and live with it. The best or worst everyone had their share. The normal human behaviour against criticism is to criticise back and we just do the same thing and end up complaining about criticizing nature of people.

We are human and mirror images of each other, sometimes the criticism is just out of envy, that we are envious of people’s success or looks or their possessions etc. That is when you feel there was no reason to criticise you for doing something good or harmless to anybody. You can completely ignore such criticism.

There is some reasonable criticism too, and there is where you just can’t go blindfolded and deaf eared, some people criticize you so you can improve. They didn’t see how good you are, they tell you how better you can be. There is term called constructive criticism which is taught in management and practiced in corporates as well. It is used to give you a feedback in best possible way which shouldn’t demoralize you but tell you your best abilities, your weak points and areas of improvement. The words and tones are chosen wisely as not to offend the receiver, and this is what we should do in our daily lives too. We need to choose our words and tone wisely in case we are giving feedback to someone. So if someone is genuinely interested in your betterment he will approach you in a wise and sane manner.

Stay away from hate mails, hate speeches or hate comments from people, they are in no way thinking any good of you  or  to correct you. It is from bunch of people having nothing to do except spreading hatred which will ultimately come back to them. It is a negative energy and don’t let it burn you or weight you down. Ignore it, just think it like a released arrow from a bow, and you have to dodge it. Don’t reply back and don’t even think about it.

Keep doing the good work you are doing, at least you are doing something 🙂

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Writer’s Quote Wednesday-Ralph Waldo Emerson



“To be yourself in a world that is constantly trying to make you something else is the greatest accomplishment.”
Ralph Waldo Emerson

I dedicate the above quote to my pensive mood today , as you already know I am a self-obsessed person, why to be so harsh on self-judgment? Because I write everything related to the inner self, heart, soul and self-journey 🙂

Jokes apart I do admit sometimes I get lost in my own thoughts so much to the limit that another person might feel ignored or not cared. I am still learning to balance this Selfishness of mine.

Love this quote from Emerson. It is a great accomplishment indeed to be ‘Yourself’, but what is it, being myself ? , I am already adjusted twisted adapted so much, I hardly have any thought of being myself. Life is changing me everyday and I am constantly learning  but what is it that resonates from inside with this quote? Perhaps I would see it as not giving in to the peer or social pressures to anything which doesn’t abide with my morals and principles.

If everyone is doing it, doesn’t mean  you have to do it too or it is good for you as well, if you don’t like it, you don’t like it, that’s it .You just to need to say it. It all makes things so much easy instead of giving in to pressure of people and then regretting it from inside.

It is also a cultural issue in India where saying NO is almost a sin thus makes life more difficult, I am always struggling to find a way to politely refuse the answers of personal questions so normally asked or the favours asked which doesn’t fit into apt category or invitation for things I am not interested in or the talks that are of my least interest. I always try my best not to offend the other party  but on other hand I see people doing all sort of weird stuff , also being rude to others and then  labelling it with  ‘Be Yourself ‘ and quoting with it such great quotes. I wonder what would be the reaction of   Emersion to such misuse of his quote 🙂 or it might be other way round too if my interpretation is totally wrong! 😛

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When You Become Sugar

The inspiration for this post is this verse from Rumi’s Masnavi:

When you are sweet because of sugar, it is (possible) that
sometime the sugar may become absent from you.

(But) when you become sugar as a result of being faithful,
then sugar will never be separated from sugar.

The original goes in Farsi (Persian) like this:

chûn tô shîrîn az shakar bâsh-î, bow-ad
k-ân shakar gâhê ze-tô ghâyib shaw-ad

chûn shakar gard-î ze-ta’Sîr-é wafâ
pas shakar kay az shakar bâsh-ad jodâ?

Isn’t it beautiful? The two simple lines speak the behavioural reality of people.

When things in our life are good, we are happy, jolly and sweet but then some sudden unpleasant incidents turn us into a bitter person momentarily or for life long. Our behavioural sweetness depends on our mood and the mood depends on our mental and emotional states. The condition of our lives, what are we going through are shaping the person we are becoming every day. Sometimes we are sad because of our external world and sometimes we are sad because we are not happy with our own self. There is sadness inside our inner world when we are not meeting our own expectations.

Our behaviour is a mirror of our mental state and same is the case with sweetness, we need to check the source of our sweetness where is it coming from? If the supply is external it will surely stop one day and the void of sweetness will be filled by bitterness quickly. A bad traffic, delay of planned or expected events, encounters with rude people just spoils our mood and turns us into a bitter person instantly. Have we thought about it? Yes we do a bit in fact the constant reminder in our minds start beeping “why should you spoil your mood because of somebody else “. Few rants later or exchange of bad words or looks keep us all going and human at same time.

But then there are moments where the voids of soul start screaming loud and you start looking for soul food  to fill it in because our actions and thoughts doesn’t seem enough, we get consumed every day with our daily exposures to life. Our everyday prayers in invisible and spiritual ways help us to refill our reservoirs. Spiritual reflections are another way which helps us to fill this void. Rumi’s suggestion to become sugar is such spiritual reflection. To get the characteristic of sweetness deeply imbibed in our nature that it becomes a part of you so what can separate you from you? (Except Allah swt and normally He  doesn’t stop you from doing good)

It is a big challenge to practice every day, to keep our calm and cool in all circumstances. By accepting the decree of Allah in which ever state He has kept us, we can then only truly embrace life and experience happiness inside our inner realm, the invisible dimension of every human being and then become sweetness or better said as Rumi’s sugar.



Some thoughts from Rumi’s Masnavi

There is no need for me to mention again about the great wisdom hidden in works of Mawlana Rumi  and the purpose is not to bore you  with his  thoughts either,  the purpose is always the same  to share his great ideas so pardon me for choosing his quotes again and again.  Nobody should be deprived of this fountain of knowledge and wisdom. This is from Volume 1 of Masnavi, picked up from lines between ‘1121-1149’ .

There is a theory of opposite that is explained by Rumi , it is called ‘Things are revealed by their opposite’ and the way he explained why we do not see God is worth reading.

There isn’t light (at) night, and (so) you don’t see
colors; therefore (light) is made evident by the opposite of

(First) is the seeing of light, then the sight of color.
And you know this instantly by (awareness of) the contrary
of light.

God created pain and (yearning) sorrow for this sake:
so that happiness may occur by (means of) this opposite.

Thus, hidden things are revealed by (their) opposites.
(And) since God has no opposite, He is hidden.

How do we know that the moment we are living now is better than the moments we have lived , we do it by a simple comparison since future is uncertain the only possibility of assessment  is with evidence of opposites. How do we know  we are feeling sad, we know it because it doesn’t feel the same when we are happy ,  we can distinguish between different feelings. Imagine if there was just one feeling , could we even define then what a feeling is ? We never notice the presence of oxygen around us because we have always lived with it but the lack of oxygen is surely felt . The presence of opposites do help us to define things, feel things,  see things and sometimes value them as well.


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3 Day 3 Quotes Challenge : Day 3

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I am sharing  4 thoughts from  the bestseller called ‘ The Four Agreements’ by Don Miguel Ruiz.  Below is gist of wonderful pieces of advice  given in the book.

1.Be Impeccable With Your Word
Speak with integrity. Say only what you mean. Avoid using the word to speak against yourself or to gossip about others. Use the power of your word in the direction of truth and love.

2. Don’t Take Anything Personally
Nothing others do is because of you. What others say and do is a projection of their own reality, their own dream. When you are immune to the opinions and actions of others, you won’t be the victim of needless suffering.

3. Don’t Make Assumptions
Find the courage to ask questions and to express what you really want. Communicate with others as clearly as you can to avoid misunderstandings, sadness and drama. With just this one agreement, you can completely transform your life.

4. Always Do Your Best
Your best is going to change from moment to moment; it will be different when you are healthy as opposed to sick. Under any circumstance, simply do your best, and you will avoid self-judgment, self-abuse and regret.



3 Day 3 Quotes Challenge : Day 2

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the  quote  I am sharing for today  is from Hazrat Inayat Khan, which I stumbled upon while reading quotes from Goodreads.com  . It has created a curiosity to read  more of his works. Not much I could gather except that he spread the idea of Sufism in the West and is considered to be the founder of International Sufi Movement and a bridge between East and West.


I never heard his name much in Indian Sufi Lineage although he was born and raised in India,He also spent a lot of time travelling abroad and lived many years in Europe , ultimately  came back to his homeland, buried in complex of  Nizamuddin Dargah in New Delhi . The reasons I am anticipating  could be differences in  his teaching methodology and ideology  compared to traditional Sufism or the other case could be my lack of knowledge for Indian Sufis . Well, I didn’t read enough to comment more about him , that’s why more curious to read his work.,what I could gather from researching online  is his  teachings were based on Universalism  and coming from all religions . We can always take the good teachings from people no matter where it comes from at least that is what I believe in.



3 Day 3 Quotes Challenge & WQW

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Here is my short poem for today’s Quote by Bulleh Shah , who was a Sufi Punjabi Poet , a Humanist and Philosopher.He lived in 17th Century and most of his stories comes through legends passed on to people as  verses/couplets.

Born: 1680 Uch, Bahawalpur, Punjab, Pakistan

Died: 1757 (aged 77) Kasur, Punjab, Pakistan


“If the divine is found through ablutions
surely frogs and fish would find him first
if the divine is hidden in jungles
the cattle would have discovered him by now
O Bulleh, the divine is found by those
with pure and true heart ”

The words are so simple yet powerful and wise, I think the problems of people since centuries remain the same but the level of  wisdom  is surely on decline.The people are literate but not educated, educated but not wise . Simpler things are being made complicated everyday, debated and fought over while the major problems remain overlooked ,unsought and unresolved.The poor becomes poorer and sad even sadder.Everyone is so focused to see other’s problems and faults. There is fire inside our own home but we are busy watching others burning  , I wish everyone realizes  it and becomes wiser to understand the truth which we have blindfolded ourselves to.

Self knowing and improving the person residing in your body should be the  goal. Educating yourself of your own being is half the battle won against all known and unknown demons.

 The punjabi original version is below in transliteration, I know the original words always have deeper impact :

Jeh Raab milda naatheya dhoteya ta milda dadua machiya
Jeh Raab milda jangal bele ta milda gaua bachiya
Jeh Raab milda vich masiti ta milda cham chidikiya
Bulleya Raab ohna nu milda nitta jena diya sachiya

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Writer’s Quote Wednesday: Mother Teresa

For the Wednesday Ritual of Quotation I am sharing with you all , a beautiful quotation from Mother Teresa.


( Yes, I know it is not wednesday today but  better late than never ,  and  I am also whining too much about my  work load from a month  but  I am almost there to finish my project 🙂  )

This quote held me with itself for quite sometime, When  I read it for first time  I couldn’t read  or search for other quotes for many days, it hooked me completely  in its truth and beauty and how in simple words,  Mother Teresa said it all. I do miss her though I never met her in my life .Her presence in this world was like a lamp  keeping away  darkness by teaching  us  humanity  , love and kindness. We need more such humanitarian leaders today. The world needs more of them than ever.

We are often complaining about poverty  in  some nations, those who have enough complain for  not being rich, some are content with what they have but more is always better. Our scales of measuring  success are also material and monetary but this is how everyone counts affluence , lavishness and prosperity ! But nobody talks about prevailing unseen poverty in our lives, poverty of loneliness , poverty of heart ,  poverty in relationships , poverty in our thoughts , poverty of morality , poverty of humanity. The world is getting poor day by day but can we see it?

We meet people everyday for work or outside, greet them , talk to them to a bare minimum . Do they know us as real us ?,  even after spending 8 hours together in  a day. We are connected to people online by being physically present with others ,why ? may be to diminish our sense of loneliness and the fact is we are all lonely  even when surrounded by people because they are not the ones who love us or our loved ones .We all need to be loved and that is what our hearts are yearning for .

My life experiences taught me that  poor is not the one who is not  able to eat good but the one  who  is not able to sleep good.We need to love others for the seed of love will only grow  love and to be  kind to people around us . The feeling of love could only remove this poverty of  loneliness .

The key to happiness is also being grateful for the blessings of Allah and the Rizq(sustenance) that  He gave us which could be anything not only food or money ,  these hidden riches make us  actual rich in life. 

May Allah give us all richness in our hearts , thoughts and actions.Aameen.

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Writer’s Quote Wednesday : Rumi

It is been another of hectic week at work and my brain is so drenched in coding that I do have  hardly any thoughts for my blogs  ( even in my dreams I am  debugging my code ) but I  am still trying to be regular with my Wednesday Quotes 🙂

For Writer’s Quote Wednesday , bringing you again from treasure of Rumi, I love  reading his quotes and books whenever I get time, they are full of wisdom and  resonate very well with my feelings,moods and thoughts,  so sharing another of his wonderful gem.

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When-you-go-through-a (1)

Reason for sharing this quote , I personally feel very associated with this quote , and I have observed it to be so true with my life so far. There are difficult time in everyone’s life ,we all try to be strong  but then there are those breaking  moments when one realizes this is my threshold ,I cannot take it any further! Patience is running up , time is passing by and things are not getting any better. Then also come in self doubt , was it right decision I made ? or am I not good enough!

We are helplessly trying out all the options but nothing works! There is anger and frustration piling up each passing day and we start to lose our motivation,We get sad about our situation . Comparison to  the  happy lives of others bring us more pessimism.We all reach a point  when we have thoughts of giving up on being strong and holding on  , Everything is pulling us to give up but there is something inside, asking us not to give up and hold on ,telling us Everything will be fine! and we wonder  when and how ?

So when you feel that  iota of hope amidst everything going bad, Jump on it and grab it quickly , because it is then when you are so close to things getting done,  finding solutions to your problem  or the end of bad times.

It is alright to cry ,but not alright to give up!

You are just there at end of night,  take a break from yourself ( from your bad mood), take time to think clearly, away from your problems ,say a silent prayer to your Lord for He knows what is inside every heart , just ask Him to ease your way and InshaAllah you will be soon out in the sun again !

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Writer’s Quote Wednesday – Rabia Basri

I am sharing the quote from Rabia al Basri, She was a muslim saint known for her great devotion and piety, has high regard among sufi scholars and  considered among first female sufi saints. Her life is narrated by another contemporary saint and poet ‘Farid al-Din Attar’ in his teachings and writings and that is how the world knows about her.

Birth Name:Hazrat Rabia al-Adawiyya al-Qaysiyya
Born in: between 95 and 99 Hijri. In Basra, Iraq.

Her life is an inspiration because she managed to achieve what she wanted  to in her life i.e Nearness to Allah without having any formal education or following any great master in her early life .Her story motivates me through her determination with which she sought her goal ,her focus on reaching her destination and not for a second her attention wavered  . She never gave up in the world where being saint was only a man’s thing then, not that she aimed to become a saint but it was a part of her journey and she didn’t hesitate for a while of doing something which was unusual for a women .

You can read more about her on  https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rabia_Basri


Her above thought is so strong and empowering that we are bound to think that  Are our problems , really  ‘problems’ or they just exist in our minds ?

Have we created mental barriers that stop us to see beyond that barricade?

What if there is no problem and it was just our perspective to look at things ? and when we adjusted our perspective the problem has suddenly disappeared!!

Are we knocking on an open door and complaining  that nobody  is opening and coming to our help ?

Isn’t time to check if we really need help and if we are doing something about our problems ?

We do not have to panic or worry too much for our problems because they blind our minds and we lose the ability to  think what can we do and what needs to be done in right time! and even if we do panic , we shouldn’t make it longer to revive , We need to overcome it quickly by having courage to see the open doors and keep moving in this journey called life .

Another of her quote that will inspire you :


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