Book Review: Begum and Dastaan by Tarana Husain Khan

Book Review Time

Begum and Dastaan by Tarana Husain Khan

Loved it , Totally recommend it. Thanks to the Author for writing this. You got me home through this book, the roads , monuments, and paths of my childhood, stories I grew up with, the language,food. Everything made me so nostalgic of Rampur I grew up in.

Book plot:
It’s a historical fiction based on life of a Nawab Shams of Royal Estate of Sherpur( names changed here) in India who was notorious for his debauchery, he was kidnapping young, beautiful girls and even married women and putting them in his Harem forcibly.
One such unlucky women was Feroza who was strong, defiant, determined and gave Nawab some tough time.
There is also a parallel story of Dantangoi ( story telling) ongoing by Kallan Dantango which is a fantasy story inspired by real life events at that time and a contemporary timeline story of Ameera who is great granddaughter of Feroza .

The scene setting , description , narration is on point, very well researched.

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Author Interview : Jamal e Fatima

Jamal is Pakistani Canadian Author and poet. She has been writing since 2000, this book is her inaugural collection printed.

She is a blogger, a DIY crafter and works full time at a local non-profit that serves children.
Recently, she has won poetry competitions on WordPress and
Her poems have been published in literary magazines both in Canada and Pakistan. For her debut collection Its past midnight , she collaborated with a local artist Hira Noor Instagram @hues_by_hira to create illustrations for her book.

Find her latest work on Instagram @thecraftedwriter.

You can watch the interview on link below:

Book Review Time:The other side of life by Nazhah Khwaja

Plot: The story is set in Pakistan’s Punjab Province .Farishtey a young girl is main protagonist and story teller of the book. She is a strong woman who finds herself in middle of her life’s unthinkable pit of nightmares. She is a daughter of a wealthy businessman man who deals in real estate but who is also a narcissist,misogynist husband and an abusive father. She still has to discover more of his ugly truths. There is budding romance in the novel between Farishtey and Faizan . Ali her brother is great character in book which I love. Love the character of her mother too who she keeps remembering in flashbacks.

Trigger warning: There is sexual abuse , physical abuse and rape.

The story is strong, gripping .I couldn’t put it down until I finished the book. Yes it was intense, dark in few parts, hopeful , romantic in other parts . Emotional rollercoaster, no less than a movie. I love how author has described misogyny and harmful effects of patriarchy through her main character. It was like reading my own thoughts.
Makes a very good read , Congratulations to the Author , doing a great job, this being her debut novel.

Book Review the other side of life by Nazhah Khwaja

Book Review Time: Its past midnight somwhere by Jamal e Fatima.

It is debut collection of Beautiful soulful poems by Jamal e Fatima along with Beautiful sketches by Hira Noor.
The poems are based on poet’s journey of pain, loss, healing , finding identity and joy .
The title is so poetic , I loved it and so is the 2nd poem in Book , one of my favorites that I have attached.

Once I started reading the book , I could only stop at the last line of last poem, devouring and feeling each poem.
There are like 90- 100 poems in the book .

I have purely enjoyed reading it.

Know Your Author Series Episode 5: Khadijah Abdulhaqq

Khadijah AbdulHaqq is a published author.She emerged in the world of writing with her debut children’s book Nanni’s Hijab.
Since the release of her book she has written several online publications: Sapelo Square, Haute Hijab, Patheos, and About

Shot this video on Women’s Day , It was so good to talk to her, to know her inspiration behind this book. While going through her blog , I found she writes poems too and I asked her if she would like to recite one for us while interviewing and she was like, Was this  in Questions you send me ? I was like no, I just added in go .
She did read one , also a passage from her book too.
Her message was what stayed with me most !! Such a great message , Dont miss it!
Also she has a news to share with us ❣️

You can follow her on Instagram at

Facebook page :​

Blog :

You can watch the interview here on link below:

Know Your Author Series:Episode 4 with Shereen Malherbe

Shereen Malherbe  is a British Palestinian author.

After spending over a decade living throughout the Middle East, Shereen now resides in England with her husband and four children.

Her debut novel Jasmine Falling  is an accumulation of historical accounts from her Palestinian heritage, It has been voted as one of the top 10 books representing Muslims in Literature and in the top 20 Best Books by Muslim Women.

Shereen’s second book is a contemporary fiction novel, The Tower. It now features as required academic reading for a U.S University on courses discussing Muslim Voices Post 9/11.

Her first children’s book, The Girl Who Slept Under The Moon, was published in 2021 and is the first of a series of migrant children’s books published by Beacon Books.

I have really enjoyed our conversation! There are so many tips and advice for writers and Authors that Shereen has shared. We talked about representation of Muslim Authors on Book shelves, stereotyping, pigeonholing, her experience with getting published in UK, Writing about Palestine and her contemporary fiction novel The Tower as required academic reading in one of US university for a course on Muslim Arab voices.
A must watch I would say!

You can watch the interview on link below:

Author Interview: Know Your Author Series Episode 3 with Papatia Feauxzar

Papatia Feauxzar is the Founder of Djarabi Kitabs Publishing and Fofky’s. An American author, online barista, and publisher of African descent.
Feauxzar is also a practicing accountant who holds a master’s degree in Accounting with a concentration in Personal Finance. She is the Online Editor at Hayati Magazine and has been featured in DFW Child and Voyage Dallas.
Visit her blogs at or
You can find her on Instagram handles : @fofkys, @djarabikpub
Publishing house website

She has written more than 20 books and The Certified Accountant is her latest thriller book.

Author Interview

You can watch the interview on my youtube channel Talk with Sana on link below.

Author Interview : Rumki Chowdhury

I had the pleasure to Interview Author Rumki Chowdhury last week, it was amazing to know her as person , her thoughts and her books.

Her debut YA novel, Her Feet Chime is the first and only Bangladeshi version of a Cinderella story written in English. It was critically acclaimed by media such as Asiana Magazine UK, East London Newspaper, The Daily Star Bangladesh.

Her second novel, So Complicated, is a romantic fiction that gained honorable mention at The New York Book Festival, won The Red Ribbon for most enjoyable read from The UK Wishing Shelf Awards and became a finalist in The Pacific Book Awards for Humor.

Unveiled is her first collection of poetry published by Djarabi Kitabs Publishing. It is highly recommended by bloggers and influencers worldwide.

Author Interview with Rumki Chowdhury

You can watch it on my channel at link below:

You can  find her on below social media sites through her website and handles.

Facebook :
Instagram: Rumkitheauthor


Know your Author Series: Episode 1 Tumkeen

Grab your cup of coffee or Chai and watch our conversation , with Author Tumkeen, her writing journey, her book and her thoughts .
I would suggest to not rush , there is so much to take from her talks.
So calm down, Take your time , Breathe and schedule your time to tune in .
Thanks to the Author for giving me time ! I will always cherish it!

You can watch the full interview at my youtube channel on below link:

And the link to her book on Amazon

Book Review Time : The Beauty of your face by Sahar Mustafah

I finished the book last week, its really hard to put this book down once you start reading it, it  is totally engrossing and capturing your attention. It had made me cry , sad, few times angry too and smile .

Plot :
Afaf is American woman born to  Palestinian parents , she is a principal of Nurideen Girls High School in Tempest Illinois. There is an attack in school by an alt right extremist and story moves in flashbacks between this scene and her past.
Afaf’s parents had to emigrate from Palestine  to US during an ongoing war situation in the country only to find a life of struggle in US.
The family could never come out of the trauma  when their eldest teenager daughter runs away from home, life was never the same again  for Afaf and  her brother as kids and her parents as a family together .
Despite of all the hardships, struggles and a disturbed childhood Afaf found her Peace in Islam,  friendships and belongingness  in the local mosque and it’s community.

My opinion about the book:

The good part of the book is it doesn’t load all the information related to Islam or muslims in one fold, it opens up slowly and slowly revealing what each phrase or act means to Muslim or in Islam. The segregation between culture and Islam was done beautifully.

I loved how the  struggles  of muslims in different layers is highlighted.
For example : What it means
if you are Muslim in America.
If you are a Muslim and Arab ,
If you are Muslim , Arab,  Palestinian.
If you are Muslim, Arab, Palestinian and a  woman .
If you are Muslim, Arab, Palestinian,  a  woman and a Hijabi .
Each word adds a layer of  complexity of struggle and micro and macro aggressions faced  in everyday life by these people.

I totally recommend .

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