Happy Women’s Day 2021

While women were doing Aurat March in Pakistan and Indian women in resistance in the Farmers Protest, I was behind my screen working, and in between reading posts from friends on Women’s day. All wonderful women calling out other wonderful women and celebrating essence of being women.
I was like Damnit why didn’t I plan one, I am doing too many things at the moment and going super busy so I took a deep breathe and I decided I will be more gentle and kind to myself.
So here I am showing up ( Currently Reading Show Up by Na’ima B Roberts, dont think I can ever use this expression without not thinking of her book 😃)

I want to thank all women friends in my list today Authors, poets, publishers, writers, homemakers, Bookstagrammers , Instagrammers, FB users who are using their own little or big spaces to make a difference.
Let me tell you even a little post that you share and think it as insignificant might teach someone something, inspire someone, cheer someone up .
My Social media shy female friends and family thank you for supporting me and believing in me !
My Algerian friends and family for all your support on my channel and my posts all the while when English is not your language .

Say Yes!

Say Yes to Life!

Say Yes to positive affirmations.

Say Yes to new beginnings.

Say Yes to gratitude in life.

Say Yes to the compliments you receive with humility.

Say Yes to your inner self.

Say Yes to self care.

Say Yes to your Soul.

Say Yes to peace in life.

Say yes to the Yes .

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My Landlord Rantings!

 My Saturday Story :

While I was happy with my weekend beginnings yesterday,  after a tiring week of solving jigsaw puzzles  of office works ( currently working with java in office ! I haven’t worked with it before and it is consuming all reserves of my patience !!) so Saturday morning started with a call from Landlord telling me we need to renew the contract! ‘ Half awake, half asleep, I was startled! ‘why ? ‘ .He said ‘ I need to increase the rent as now you are living with your husband and earlier it was just one person! ‘  I was shocked, but more than shocked ,I  felt cheated as he didn’t say anything while signing the contract and nothing like this is written in my contract!  I am paying for my water,heating,electricity and common building charges separately so whatever will increase in consumption lies on me to pay not him. My contract is for 3 years and if I leave in first year , I have to pay 3 months of rent  extra so he openly asked me to leave the apartment if  I am not willing to accept the new contract.

so while I was fasting today for Ashura , 10th of Muharram, it was unlikely to not meet a Yazid!


My thoughts all day :

I hung the phone telling him how disappointed I am with his behavior and I will think about it and tell him.I kept thinking  about his age between 70-75 years and  being owner of this building having at least 9-10 apartments, and many more such buildings! Being a rich man doesn’t end his greed ! How I remembered the saying

Money doesn’t make you rich! Some people are so poor that only thing they have is money! 

No manners, no values ,no morals. He is trying to take advantage of situation that I am not local from this country,do not know law and cannot leave the apartment as I shifted in March.Being  a HSP (highly sensitive person ) my thoughts couldn’t go away to other things  all day and still can’t believe how people even at this age can be so like this ! I called few of my friends to take their advice and their  wonderful advice was to COOL DOWN  ( so true friends 😀 )


I have decided to cool down and talk to him face to face tomorrow that it is not right what he is asking and it is not legally allowed to increase rent on my being married without telling me before signing the contract and he cannot threaten me to  leave the apartment, lets see what he says tomorrow !


After all life is not that grey and blue! and we should face problems in the face than to get sad, depressed and running away from them.

will keep you updated!