Book Review: Sinan and Leyla


Sinan and Leyla is a love story of two different people falling in love through arranged Marriage.  When Destiny has decided for them ,who are they to deny it !

Each chapter is interesting than the rest, it is funny and emotional at the same time. You might end up crying in few pages and later find yourself smiling in next pages.The people of SouthEast Asian origin and Indian Subcontinent can relate to it quite much because arranged marriages are quite a normal thing there. In Fact the life of people rotates around weddings only, from finding a guy/groom for their children, fixing their marriage, then making the arrangements of weddings and later the look after of the newly wed couple and then worrying them to start a family asap. It is all very normal in our families and which is why reading this book becomes our stories too.It highlights very well the problem of single mothers and kids raised without father, and the hypocrisy of male domination in our society. Towards the end Sinan and Leyla becomes so known to you that parting from them at end of book makes you sad.

This is the debut Novel of the Author and I wish him much success ! The story is much gripping and definitely deserves a reading.

MY rating for the book: 5 stars

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