WQWWC: Change

For this week I have chosen a quote from Rumi based on theme Change .It is from the  book ,The Diwan of Shams of Tabriz, by Jalaluddin Rumi.


The complete verse from which the quote is taken :

Those who don`t feel this Love
pulling them like a river,
those who don`t drink dawn
like a cup of spring water
or take in sunset like supper,
those who don`t want to change,

let them sleep.

Love the beauty of this verse ! How poetically Rumi pointed at people who are reluctant to change to consider them as sleeping.What good for others is a sleeping man? What do he or she knows about the events happening around him when he is sleeping. So is the condition of a man who doesn’t want to change  ! He just close his eyes to the truth. The acknowledgement of self and taking care of that inner self is often referred as Awakening where one wakes up to accept the change from this worldly aimless sleep.He observes the beauty in sunrise and sunset , pain becomes blessing and sharing  a joy.You become a seeker of knowledge and truth.The more you experience real joy , less appealing appears to you this life’s distractions.The first step to the path of truth is willingness to  Change and then imbibe the changes in our life to make it more meaningful.



Writer’s Quote Wednesday Writing Challenge :Fantasy(Flash Fiction)

Love this quote from Patrick Rothfuss, The Wise Man’s Fear about the capability of human mind to find answers to question left unanswered!  The imagination has wings which take us from world of reality to world of dreams . The chase of these dreams has led men to invention, innovation and  great discoveries.

Can you imagine a life without imaginations ?


“Imagination is everything. It is the preview of life’s coming attractions.”
Albert Einstein

This week’s theme being Fantasy, I wrote a flash fiction , I guess kids would like it more, but not many are on wordpress :D, Do let me know if you like it !

Princess  of Floriana

Katie was a slow moving green wobbly creature in land of Feriona the magic world. She was an orphan and being raised by her aunt who worked for the Queen of Feriona . Circumstances allowed her to live inside the beautiful lotus shaped Palace built on water pond as her aunt was Queen’s main attendant.

Katie was often the subject of mockery and teasing at hands of young beautiful fairies living inside the castle because of her looks. She has often dreamt of being beautiful like them and become a kind princess unlike all of them, Many times she used to sit alone near the pond side and talk to herself through the reflection in the water, her green skin colour and odd wriggling structure often made her cry and her tears would mix with the water of pond and spread beautiful vibrant colours on the surface. She used to console herself and reassures that looks are not everything, true beauty lies inside the heart of a person and it never fades. She is beautiful from inside and she knows it.

Tired of their behaviour  towards her, Katie decides to leave the palace and explore Floriana, the magical flower land, she has always heard about since her childhood. It was far away across the river at foothills. The most beautiful and kindest of fairies live there. She wanted to go and live in a land of justice and peace. The journey was long and hard, it took her many days to squirm across the forest and reach the river. At the bed of river, she almost lost her hope and started crying! How will she cross the vast river , she cannot swim and unlike other fairies she has no wings to fly. The old weeping willow’s heart melted down and he gave her a big leaf which Katie could use to swim across the river. She hugged and thanked the old tree to save her life and her life’s only dream.

Katie reached the huge heart shaped gates of Floriana , the two guards let her in without any question ! Not amused, she was prepared for a long explanation, she kept walking in a wonder looking left and right at the huge flowers of every colour and type she has ever imagined. She saw a group of fairies walking towards her, all happy to receive her; they gave her a welcome drink made from flower nectar. Katie was then to see the elderly Queen as was the law for every newbie. Walking down the aisle she saw many pictures of creatures like her hung on the walls, she was not a weird creature, there exist more of her kind! This very thought gladdened Katie’s heart and she smiled all the way. Katie reached the door of Queen and with her permission they all went inside. The queen sat in her bed while her magnificent wings sprawled across the floor having the same colours as of  her tears.

The Queen was happy to receive Katie like a lost child.

“All fairies of Floriana live here, you are from us. Where were you my Child until now? “ The Queen told her.

“ Me a fairy of Floriana ??  I lived in Feriona with my aunt ,she brought me up when my parents died.” replied Katie.

“ Feriona?  It is not our kind,” Queen was puzzled.

“I was the odd one there. Everyone made fun of me and I decided to leave that land” Katie replied with a heavy voice and tears in her eyes.

The tears went down making patterns of colours, Queen looked at them unbelievingly. She took her magic wand and touched the pattern. The tears rose to a small cloud and became a crown  placing itself on Katie’s head, soon Katie transformed into a beautiful young Butterfly Fairy  with huge vibrant wings same like that of Queen who was so happy to find the much awaited princess of Floriana and her next heiress. Katie has always has dreamt of becoming a princess and it came true that day. Her happiness couldn’t be described into words.

Don’t lose hope of your inner beauty the world will recognise it one day.

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