Something Beautiful

Does this lake know
How beautiful it is ?
These trees, grass
The dirt road and
dried leaves
All of them
making this
beautiful scene!
Do they know
their bigger
Or they too are
in self doubt!

Are we too
like them?
But together
a part of
beautiful .
And someone
out there
Admiring it too
like we do
to these views!

Learning on long walks

Little discoveries and learning on my evening walks.
I was walking through these trees for almost every day of summers and amazed at these spiky balls hanging from the trees but I didn’t bother much and walked past.

Being an Indian I know different plants and trees from my habitat  I can know by look  papaya,  guava , mangoes,  mahogany,  eucalyptus,  neem and peepal  but trees here in Europe are different and I am still learning and discovering. Like this one I figured out is a Chestnut tree , the same beautiful roasted yummy warm nuts that I buy in winters from street vendors in Christmas markets.That’ s how they grow as fruit and that’s where they grow .

#littlediscoveriesontheway #chestnuttrees#mindfulliving