Book Review – Us By David Nicholls

David Nicholls is without a doubt a great writer , his narrative style is easy , funny and full of wit.The whole book is moving to and forth between flashback and current time and how the author switches  smoothly without getting his readers lost  is worth appreciating . I really like how the titles of each chapter were selected and explained  in course of the chapter. The protagonist of the story is Douglas Petersen, a middle aged English Biochemist who is on verge of a divorce and is doing his best to save his marriage  on a family trip to Europe probably the last one together .Douglas is a simple introvert guy whose main aim is to provide a comfortable life to his wife and son for which  he works really hard . The pressures of life and work  has left him  a dull and boring person  who soon gets disconnected  from his  family. Mr Peterson is also not on very good terms with his teenage son Albie and  wants to reconnect with him . There are so many hopes and so much to do on this trip .

I  will not kill the suspense of the book by telling you much of the story , you really should read to find out what happened; if he was able to save his marriage or not  🙂 but whatever will happen , you will definitely enjoy the reading. It is emotional, sensitive and a lot funny. I think people who work in technical stuff could relate to his humor and personality while the artistic guys can easily see themselves in his family members, the story of about two opposites falling in love and then falling apart .There is so much for the travel geeks as well  in this book since author has done quite justice in describing well the cities visited on their tour to Europe, you won’t be left disappointed.

My ratings for the book- 4 Stars ( * * * * )547073e992c97