I Stand with Humanity ! I Stand against Terrorism #PrayforParis

Like everyone else today,  I also woke up  to the horrifying and  shocking news of Paris Terrorist Attack and since then I couldn’t stop my mind and heart thinking about it. Paris  is not far from where I live and I have special memories attached to the city as it was my first European destination. I have lived in Paris for small time for my work and have visited this beautiful city many times.Imagining the places I have walked everyday, to be  filled with horror and terror is heart breaking. Thinking about the pain of  people who live there or who lost someone yesterday is numbing my brain . My heart is sad and nothing seems to comfort me right now and I   am hoping to find an escape through my blog.


What is happening in Syria, Lebanon  and what happened in Tunis few months back and now Paris, Human against Human  ? or I am making a mistake in calling them Humans, beast against humans ? no, would be insult to animals too, even they have rules but these terrorist have none,  how can someone with human heart pounding inside  kill someone he doesn’t know or has nothing to do with him ?

I as muslim feel more sad as to what happened,  because these demons claim to be Believing in same God and Prophet  whom I believe and who was sent  to this earth with message of Peace and a religion called Peace, I want to ask them :

” Do you even know the basic of your religion  or concept of Islam or  even its name !  forget about reading the book (would be a lot for you ) ,

Could anyone sane  who  belong to a peaceful community or  group do it ? so how can someone who claims to belong to a religion of peace do it ? Something is definitely wrong between my version of Islam and your Islam  and since there are no two Islam , there is definitely one wrong , I am not a scholar or interpreter but I am just taking basic of my Religion that teaches me to say Peace to everyone I see or meet ! which is logical enough to understand for a layman that my God asked me to live in peace and let live others in peace. I don’t think it is that difficult for you  to understand or probably you don’t want to understand perhaps you have nothing to do with religion ,so stop taking the name of my religion for your evil actions! ”

I don’t know even if all  muslims of the world  would collectively refute the false claims about Islam from  these terrorists  , would it be suffice  for rest of the world to believe us? ?

Signing off for today with a heavy heart ,and prayers for all humanity.

31 thoughts on “I Stand with Humanity ! I Stand against Terrorism #PrayforParis

  1. A beautiful post! It is important that people do not place fear in religions but they should fear the people who hide behind religion. My god is your god, it is the god of love, compassion and peace. This is a insult to the world believes in those ideals no matter what religion you hold inside of your heart.

    Thank you for sharing!

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  2. Your initiative to invoke Quran, may certainly help to revert their thinking process. No drone attack or anything would help, but messiah or religious preachers who gradually transform their thinking process into following true Qur’aan.

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  3. Loubnanya

    Love love love ❤️❤️❤️
    You said it perfectly, dear sis!
    When I see terrorists acts or islamophobic acts, I loose hope in humanity, but when I see all the solidarity between people, I know that human kind is wonderful alhamdulillah.
    Those sick people should urge us to show our real Islamic values! Most of people are ready to listen to us, I feel. At least, I want to believe they will.

    Love you sister, for all the love you spread ❤️

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    1. yes indeed, I felt sick all day yesterday! and every time something happens like this, I feel equally bad like non muslims for what is happening and infact more since these terrorists bring islam in it ,my post was just a expression of what I felt 😦

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      1. And you expressed it beautifully. Us girls in western world are stigmatised and called out because the hijab showcases that we are Muslims and these terrorists shout Takbeer before their despicable actions and make it hard for us. We constantly have to defend that no we are not the same. We don’t support it. Your post = my thoughts. Thanks again.

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  4. Hiba

    I don’t even have the energy to speak much about this anymore.
    I’m just tired. Tired that every time something bad happens, we’re afraid we’re gonna be blamed as a whole. But let me put this out there for people who still accuse Muslims of terrorism. “How can you comprehend the fact that not all white people shoot up schools but you can’t comprehend not all Muslims are terrorists?”

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      1. Hiba

        Same. I’m just very bitter about the media and the way they portray us… 😦
        But hats off to the people that stand up for us. We need people that would have our backs 🙂

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  5. Reblogged this on ا صلا ح and commented:
    I just wanted to say that Islam is a religion of peace.
    The true Muslims won’t do terrors to spread Islam. So Muslims aren’t terrorists!
    TERRORISTS ARE TERRORISTS! No matter their religion are, if they did terrors, so they’re TERRORISTS!
    I’m a Muslim, n I love PEACE!
    I believe You do! 💞

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  6. Dear Fatma,
    This is beautiful and I wish your words were read by every person on the planet. I have read enough and heard enough from people in the United States to know that many, many uneducated people, believe that Muslims, in totality, hate the United States and want us all to die. This propaganda is taken in by people at face value. They do not delve into the Islam writings or talk to people who are Muslims. In fact, they have probably never met a person in the Muslim faith. This is a big country with many rural areas. What they do, though, is watch television.
    I have tried to think how I would feel if these terrorist people were Catholic rather than Muslim. I know I would be on the street peacefully protesting against people who took a religion meant to spread peace and turned it into one spreading violence and sorrow. I realize that I, as a person whose generation protested against the Vietnamese War and for the rights of Black Americans, believe, perhaps more than later generations, that the voices of people can change things. I wish that all the Muslims in the world would non-violently stand up and voice their dissent against the terrorists. You have started it with your words. But, many, many, more people need to hear the voice of true followers, not just to stop propaganda, but to make yourselves heard to the terrorists.
    In love and peace,

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    1. Thank you Ginene for your putting up your great thoughts and empathising with mine.FatimaWaty reblogged this post on her blog so you got confused but doesn’t matter. I love your great thoughts, Love n Peace to you as well.

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  7. There was an article in the Hindu a year or so back. It was written by Hasan Suroor if I recall correctly. I don’t remember the exact content, but he argued something along the lines that the real Muslims should start speaking up against these imposters. Only then the world would start believing that Islam is not the enemy. People are. As they are in all religions.
    Thank you for this poignant post.

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    1. Yes I realize it as well, that we need to stand up and speak the truth what an commom muslim feels about it. I am sure th blocked heads would not understand any way but then there are some open ears to listen to us. We need to speak for them ,for us and for our future generations.

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