Writer’s Quote Wednesday : Rumi

It is been another of hectic week at work and my brain is so drenched in coding that I do have  hardly any thoughts for my blogs  ( even in my dreams I am  debugging my code ) but I  am still trying to be regular with my Wednesday Quotes 🙂

For Writer’s Quote Wednesday , bringing you again from treasure of Rumi, I love  reading his quotes and books whenever I get time, they are full of wisdom and  resonate very well with my feelings,moods and thoughts,  so sharing another of his wonderful gem.

 ( In response to WQW at SilverThreading.com 

http://silverthreading.com/2015/11/11/mark-twain-quote-on-character/ ) 

When-you-go-through-a (1)

Reason for sharing this quote , I personally feel very associated with this quote , and I have observed it to be so true with my life so far. There are difficult time in everyone’s life ,we all try to be strong  but then there are those breaking  moments when one realizes this is my threshold ,I cannot take it any further! Patience is running up , time is passing by and things are not getting any better. Then also come in self doubt , was it right decision I made ? or am I not good enough!

We are helplessly trying out all the options but nothing works! There is anger and frustration piling up each passing day and we start to lose our motivation,We get sad about our situation . Comparison to  the  happy lives of others bring us more pessimism.We all reach a point  when we have thoughts of giving up on being strong and holding on  , Everything is pulling us to give up but there is something inside, asking us not to give up and hold on ,telling us Everything will be fine! and we wonder  when and how ?

So when you feel that  iota of hope amidst everything going bad, Jump on it and grab it quickly , because it is then when you are so close to things getting done,  finding solutions to your problem  or the end of bad times.

It is alright to cry ,but not alright to give up!

You are just there at end of night,  take a break from yourself ( from your bad mood), take time to think clearly, away from your problems ,say a silent prayer to your Lord for He knows what is inside every heart , just ask Him to ease your way and InshaAllah you will be soon out in the sun again !

( P .S : today again I have deja vu Murphy moment for the metro  but I didn’t get pushed out this time , a bit of Indian style worked for me )

29 thoughts on “Writer’s Quote Wednesday : Rumi

  1. Loubnanya

    Oh sister I’m so glad to hear from you! I assumed you were very busy these past few days. I could never do your work, i hate Mathematics above all! Hahaaa
    Anyway, it’s nice to disvover a new Rumi’s quote 😉
    As usual your explanation is very spiritual & calming. Actually, calm is the way I feel after reading most of your posts 😉
    Good luck for your work habibati ❤️❤️
    May Allah protect you.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yes my sister! past week was so busy and this week too,but it is getting better at work! I have a project to deliver and end date is arriving ! haha my brain split between technical and non technical ,sometimes i hate it too but most of the time I am fine with it, something is not working always and keeping me busy to fix it :D:D Thank you so much my sister for reading and am happy that it calms you down, i think we are similar in so many ways 🙂 Barakallah feeki Ukhti Azeeza ❤️❤️❤️❤️


  2. I love these posts. Great like always.

    When I first started working, one of my professors called me up and said, “Ershad, when you start to see yourself working even in your dreams, you must realise that you need a break.” I don’t know if you believe in this, but I’ve found his words to be very true.
    Your explanation of the quote made me think something entirely different. Let me see if I can explain myself properly.
    In the book The Sense of an Ending, Julian Barnes argues that the human mind often deceives us with memories. What he means is that our brains discard the bad memories and store the good ones. This gives rise to nostalgia, and the past more often than not seems like a better place than the present.
    When faced with a predicament, we start comparing our present to the past and feel depressed. This is not much different to what you mentioned, i.e. comparing our lives with the seemingly happy lives of others.
    However, we fail to realise that things aren’t all that bad, and we actually have faced worse situations before and have come out unscathed.

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    1. yes Your Professor was so right ,I indeed need break from my work ! it is been long I had any holidays (apart from weekend :D!! I think what i wrote is similar to what you mentioned, we look to compare the happier times be it our past or somebody else’s present, we often forget that we how Allah helped us to overcome other problems so this too shall pass!

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  3. You nailed you second Murphy day then, even better than the first! 😄
    This is another wonderful quote you shared. Manytimes we do think of giving up right at the brink of victory, but we don’t know that yet. I guess best way is to Not give up.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. yes true 🙂 i remember the times when I thought my life is never going to be better and I will be stuck in those situations forever but then things happened from grace of Allah .So don’t give up on yourself and never on mercy of Allah 🙂


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