Some days are Murphy’s days!

Wednesday morning I had my lazy version out and I was snoozing my alarm by every 5 minutes until I saw the time and it was time to scream and jump out of bed and start the brushing and rushing routine. I almost ran to catch my metro just to know  there was a problem in track and there was no metro  for another 20 minutes at least , so I knew that it was Murphy’s day and his rules  were playing on,

Murphy how genious you were !

  • Everything takes longer than you think.
  • Everything takes longer than it takes.
  • Anything that can go wrong will go wrong.

So I saw  more and more people swarming in the metro station every 5 minutes and soon it was  packed with angry faces all around, one of them was mine too 😛

After waiting for 30 minutes , finally  a metro arrived! A sigh of relief and some smiles around. As soon as I moved forward to step in, there was an announcement  saying ‘this metro has some problem and needs to be vacated ! ‘ , so the people inside also came out  to join us with even more angrier faces .

After 10 minutes we had another metro but already packed with people! I tried to enter but I was pushed out by people.OKAY,alright , I tried again and I was pushed back again, so I tried hard third time but I was pushed back with even more strength  until the door closed automatically on my face!

So I stood there to see the metro leaving ! I know I looked funny then ! My husband had a nice laugh already when I told him what happened that day and he is laughing again that I even made a post about it 🙂

Coming back to my story I was then waiting  for next metro which gave me enough time to calm down ,I didn’t feel  rush or hurry  anymore  because I was already late.A little late or too late is any way late! I suddenly remembered my everyday commuting with Delhi metro for almost 2 years,the incident pushed me back to old memories ! Busy metro stations , lines to get in metros, pushing people ,rushing people,some angry faces having bad day,others listening to Radio Mirchi or their playlists, some chatting in their phones and remaining peeking into their neighbour’s phones! .Waiting for next metro in Delhi in hope of  less crowd  was a waste of thoughts as the metro could be more packed but not less 😛 I was mostly standing in ladies compartment and sometimes traveling with my foot on somebody else’s feet,embarrassed to look up into other’s eyes but to be surprised to see a smiling face saying ”It is alright,don’t worry .This is Delhi Metro.”

Human beings are same everywhere and so are their reactions! As soon as we had crowd in metro station here, there was no rule! only chaos to rush in the metro first ! or I would say the reactions were stronger here compared to India  because people in Belgium are not habitual  to seeing so many people or travelling this way! Some were almost in panic and overwhelmed! We do not know how we will react to a certain situation until it arises and  I exactly saw it there!

so Murphy’s day was over that day with some observational   human  and self analysis !

Ending with another of his law:

Smile ,Tomorrow can be worse  

(donot kill me for this one :P)

20 thoughts on “Some days are Murphy’s days!

  1. Hahaha, I’m really laughing out here. Sorry that it’s because of your misery, but I can’t help it. And I can relate to the Delhi metro experiences so much. Matlab Hadd hai. But that makes me want to share a couple of anecdotes:

    1. Delhi metro: This one time I am travelling from Malaviya Nagar to Chandni Chowk when this guy comes up to me and asks where is this train heading to. I’m like dude you bought the ticket, not me. And I notice that he is wearing a pair of dark sunglasses (and it’s almost dark outside). So I guess some fashion statement or something. Anyway, so he takes out a small radio (don’t ask) and starts tuning the channels with the volume at maximum. And for the next half an hour he makes me listen to Honey Singh and his ilk and I just want to shoot myself.

    2. Mumbai local: Long back. I’m still in college and in Mumbai for internship. Get on a local not knowing the kind of crowds it attracts. I’m about to reach Chembur station (travelling from VT) and I realise I cannot reach the gates in time because every inch of the train is filled with people. And I’m really angry when I see this man (somewhat old) hanging on to the train somehow, cleaning his ear with a feather with his eyes closed, as if he is in utter bliss.

    Anyway sorry for the long comment.

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    1. I was late by my normal time for 15-20 minutes and then metro delayed me further by 30-40 minutes, so overall it was an hour that day 😦 and worst is when you enter the office everyone look at you like you did a crime,, come on I was just late ! 😀


  2. I am laughing reading this. “Neighbours peeking onto phones” Truth.
    You poor thing Sana. Kept getting pushed back out had me in hysterics. Apologies for laughing at the inconvenience you might have gone through but Delhi and its metro and people. One could write post on it for days and you would still have content bubbling over.

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    1. hahaa,I wrote it on purpose atleast someone can have laugh about it :D,Well in was pushed back in Belgian Metro and in Delhi metros there is no option , you will pushed inside by crowd behind you and pushed outside by crowd coming out of metro 😛 😛

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