The soul is quiet today

The soul is quiet today and the heart is heavy

A bit  sad ,a bit tired or perhaps both.

My heart’s eye blinks a silent tear,

 Its heaviness weighs me down.

Restlessness has engulfed

my heart from  every corner.

Locked inside the cage of flesh and bones

my soul flutters to break free.

While my body devours

 soft morsels of worldly food.

My soul famished and my heart cringed.

Lost and numb , with a body

weighing so heavy I  stood to pray .

I put my head  on the ground 

in sujood and in submission.

Few moments of quietness and

Restlessness was disarming 

chains were removed.

My heart  felt at peace

and my soul free again.

( Another day when you feel low and only praying/meditation helps( at least for my case)  . I strongly believe that our soul needs to be fed , nourished and  taken care of similarly  like  our bodies.  Good deeds, good thoughts ,remembrance of God ,being grateful and prayers  are its food .

This picture was taken an year before in port of Barcelona with seagulls enjoying the sun )



31 thoughts on “The soul is quiet today

      1. It definitely was.
        The poem reflects the wisdom of Allah when he prescribed salah for the Muslims.
        Ishma wrote something every similar yesterday. About how the heart becomes tranquil and calm when you pray.
        One of the virtues of salah is that it makes you calm. Salah was prescribed after Khadijah (R.A.) had passed away. When the Rasool S.A.W. used to feel distressed and alone because the only person that had stood by him in the time of difficulty had died. At that time Allah gave him the salah like a gift.
        It reminds us of our purpose as we renew our intentions with each prayer. It makes us calm and at peace.
        It’s one of the best gifts Allah gave to this ummah. 🙂

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  1. This is one of the first post of yours which I am reading . I am really impressed by the poetry which you have written from your heart . If you like to read short stories do read my Book : Journey from Guwahati to Machhiwara available from
    PS : I have not been able to fathom out your country 🙂

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  2. Prayer has such tranquility attached Masha Allah. It’s how you described ot- the chains come off, when our head touches the ground. Your poem is a combination of both the heaviness and lightweight and I love that!

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