Premio Dardos Award


Finally I decided to pull my nominations and share with you all,It’s been long time  that they are pending even the people who nominated me would have forgotten about it ! 😛

Thank you accidentallyinked ,Loubnanya

I hope to do my other nominations soon too 😉 !

I have summed up the questions from every one here :

  1. Where are you from?   India
  2. What do you love most about your culture? Food of course 😀
  3. What is it like to be a muslim in your country?  India is democratic and secular country so even being a minority we have enough freedom to follow our religion peacefully.Currently I am staying in Belgium and I feel no issues in observing my religion  or wearing Hijab , Alhamdolillah.
  4. How many languages do you speak? Two,English and Hindi .Learning French and Arabic
  5. If there was a colour that you could omit from your life.What colour would it be and why? none, I love colors .
  6. How does this AWARD thing start? No idea but whoever did it was a smart guy,my thanks to him/her, it is a great way to acknowledge other’s work and know them.
  7. Reason for writing this blog? I wanted to share my experiences about  Hijab,help others who want to wear it and share my reflections on the inner journey I have taken after wearing Hijab and taking off the materialistic hijab I used to wear on my mind and heart.

* Mention the person who tagged you
* Answer the questions
* Please tag up to ten other bloggers at the end

 My nominations below, I am not nominating who nominated me but I know you deserve it again 😀



Star of Persia


Aaliyah Zahra


The Meek Chic



 My questions 

  1. Reason for writing this blog?
  2. Your favorite Food ?
  3. Early Riser or Late night worker?
  4. Tea or coffee addict?
  5. Your 3 Favorite books ?

18 thoughts on “Premio Dardos Award

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  2. Oh, my favourite thing about our country is also food. I mean, the sheer variety is mind-boggling. And every state has such great dishes.
    Learning French and Arabic is pretty cool too. I want to learn Arabic someday, and I want to learn Arabic calligraphy.

    Anyway, I’ll answer your questions here:

    1. Reason for writing this blog?
    I’m not really sure. I guess I was looking for people to validate my nasty (puke-inducing) brand of humour haha. I also get a weird high from grossing people out, and I didn’t want my friends and family to be the only sufferers.
    I’m just kidding, Sana. I don’t really know for sure. Perhaps, it’s simply an outlet.

    Your favorite Food ?
    I love my mom’s beef curry the most, but if we are talking about other stuff, seekh kabab can leave me drooling.

    Early Riser or Late night worker?
    I work in shifts. So I’m both. On the days when I have morning shifts, I wake up at 5 AM. And on night shifts, I stay up all night 🙂

    Tea or coffee addict?
    Tea, of course. Assam fellow here.

    Your 3 Favorite books ?
    This is tough. But let me try.
    David Copperfield (found a lot of things I could relate to over the years)
    The Harry Potter series (because you know, I grew up with them)
    The Sense of an Ending (a brilliant piece of writing by Julian Barnes)

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    1. 🙂 Thanks for taking time to answer these questions! shshshhsh don’t talk about beef curry in india 😀 😀 but yeah kebab and korma is my fav too ,i still dont know diff between a simple curry and korma , my mother uses these terms interchangeably and they almost taste the same! I am Charles Dicken’s fan , first few books I read were written by him.Yes How can I Forget Assamese Tea, 🙂 and still have to check this book of Julian Barnes .

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      1. Ooh right haha. No beef. I was talking about beet curry (What? Beet? Ugh)

        Oh, I don’t understand the difference either. I remember having this great korma at Nizamuddin once and thinking how is it different from a curry.

        Do read that book. It takes on the theme of the impermanence of memories.


  3. Loubnanya

    Hehe I’m glad to see that I already knew those answers 😉 It means I know you a little, my lovely sister.
    I’m happy you decided to create this blog about your journey with Hijab because it’s an important matter, & with such a lovely person, I’m sure some people may change their point of view upon us muslims & upon the Hijab. & the second reason why I’. Happy you made a blog is that I met you alhamdoulillah .
    May Allah always bless you sister

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