RIP Dear Humanity#QandeelBaloch

To be honest I  have never known Qandeel Baloch until recently I read news and articles on internet about her cold blooded murder by her own brother in name of  honour killing . I am not here to justify or glorify her actions but I am certainly here to condemn her killing in name of family honour.

Her death has indeed left me gaped and wondering in which society we are all living where a woman is not safe with in her own home and family. There is no price of a woman’s life , it comes so cheap and easy.What kind of patriarchy is it which justifies the killing of human being just because she is woman ! Why not kill your sons who bring bad name to the family ,why only daughters ? Who is it that makes a woman whore ?? It is man and later on they go on to character assassinate her. Instead why not go and kill those terrorists who are bringing bad name to Muslims ? What kind of norms of society are these which sets limit only for a woman and not man!

The deep rooted patriarchal mindset , misogyny , male dominance ,ignorance ,  false pride are all responsible for such mindless honour killing.What kind of honour is this which comes at price of your loved one’s’ life  ? The collective spirit of our society which sets limit only for female behavior has to change ! A woman is nothing but a mirror of men around her , You need to think twice before raising a finger over a woman, Have you as a man done enough to ensure her freedom and security ? Have you given her due rights ? Have you raised her with love and education that she deserves ? Is it only a woman’s fault to blame her for everything wrong ?

What could be worse than a human being  not fearing his Creator for his unjust acts and  wrongdoings  but is more fearful of  the society and its people of what they will think and say about them. Leave each one to his own Karma , let him live his life ! Why be so judgemental and prosecutorial.Everyone learn their own lessons on this life’s journey, let them fall, let them rise, help them to stand up again but what we are doing right now is pushing them further down by dividing , by distancing and judging people.

My request to all my readers let us try to be human first  before being a man or woman.

( Qandeel Baloch was a Pakistani Model and social Media Celebrity . You can read more about it at Human Lens of Saadia Haq , fellow blogger and human rights activist from Pakistan. You can ask her to add your name to petition signed for Qandeel )


15 thoughts on “RIP Dear Humanity#QandeelBaloch

  1. I know right?! I love how you began this post. I am not one to judge her actions and that’s between her and her Lord. So also, I don’t know who gives her brother the right to decide her time on earth is up. It’s a simple world we live in with many twisted lives and the worst part of it all are the people who believe taking another person’s life is justified simply because They don’t like the way she lived…. A really sad phenomena

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  2. A writer from the East

    Thanks for your post sister, it seems my previous comment got lost in the virtual world as I didn’t see it here.
    A million thanks for linking it to my post and yes we need to condemn such events in our societies and make women friendlier laws that are implemented as opposed to surgical measures that provide cover while allowing on other hand men like Waseem and thousands of others that go around killing women in name of so called honor.


  3. And, her brother is a drug addict, and he felt that SHE was bringing dishonor to the family. And and and, she was the sole breadwinner of the family, while he was wasted most of the time. Aaannndddd, now OBVIOUSLY a murderer in the family brings a lot of honor to it, right?

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  4. Bookless dreams

    Dear Sana, I think we miss the past before looking into the present of a person . She used to be a normal average girl of a sub-rural background married to a intellectually illiterate man , but she was growing a dream inside her mind- a dream of her own world , her own identity , her own freedom and she even tried hard to get closer to her dreams and she didn’t even realized that she silently surpassed the line which she should not get crossed and that is the line of dignity and pride. Dignity of a person and pride of a family ! She become lustful and greedy in the illusive world of glamour and money and actually media and politicians used her as their puppet ( what a shame ) . Condition of a common women is too bad in countries like Pakistan , specially regions dominated by Pathans and Baloochs and we can’t even imagine , just like some part of our Haryana and Rajasthan , but in more exaggerated way . There may be so many reasons behind her murder and some I guess are political conspiracy , blackmailing , money , brainwashing by religious bodies etc etc ………….. Anyway , we should learn to evolve within a certain boundry and our religions has provided enough space for both man an women to evolve within them an also we should combine our force ( specially womens of this world ) to really work toward gender equality and it is the only solution for such so called honour killing ………………. There is lot to say , but I have to go to make my french toast 😉

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    1. I hope your french toast was good 🙂 Your words are resonating in my mind, Thanks for comment. I agree she fell prey to many conspiracies political ;personal and social and media used her as a scapegoat to get TRPs. Gender Equality and Education are two main things that could reduce these problems of our third world.I was left wordless when I read how people supported her murder in name of Honour , we live in an impatient and unjust society where religion is only used to divide people into black and white absoluteness, no mercy , no humanity for the other side of white siders. Is it really our business to check other’s faults ,unfortunately thanks to Social Media, it has become one!


  5. Bookless dreams

    Well, you can’t even imagine that heavenly yummified taste of my cheese dripped fantabulous french toast :)).
    Jokes apart, I was recently discussing this matter with my Pakistani sister who is a behavioral scientist in Islamabad and I was shocked to hear her opinion about this whole episode . Also , from my little immature life I experienced but unable to understand that why women are the harshest opponent of other women in this man’s world ? Sometime I feel that we man are misinterpreted due to this and misery caused to a women is mostly by another women and their mindset .
    Also , you Sana, keep expressing your thoughts and keep sharing your knowledge and never ever give up if you think you are right . God bless you and be happy 😉

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